Dressember… um?

I’ve failed in Dressember.

I didn’t mean to, but I’ve never really been a dress person. It’s only being in the last year or so that I have really gotten into my dresses and skirts – with leggings! And it is because of this that I still can’t wear them all the time. It’s a slow process and I still love wearing my jeans. Even though today they split in the thigh. Awkward.

However, I do have a dress to show you from Tuesday. It is very bow-chicka-wow-wow. *imagines cartoon eye-popping*

Very “hello sailor!”, yes?

Not only because it looks like a sailor’s uniform, but also cause it shows my boobs, A LOT. Seriously, there is bra showing and when I sit down, it’s like I’m not wearing a top at all.

Note to self: wear singlet if ever to wear to work.

I bought it from City Chic (my all-time favourite store now, please don’t ever go away. And if someone is reading this – black, skinny jeans that fit me please!) It was on sale pre-christmas and got it for half price – total winning. It meant the price was actually a reasonable price.

I have worn a few dresses in the days I have missed; they were repeats though. The yellow summery dress and the tunic that has to be paired with jeans, but nothing new.

As I am now in Hastings and I essentially just chucked clothes in my suitcase, I didn’t plan very well and I have about four dresses with me. Again, awkward.

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