Dressember: day 11.

Sunshine, daisies, butter, mellow – turn this stupid fat rat yellow.

Jokes, I’m not a rat, but I was turned yellow for the day.


Please ignore my stupid pose, I was being a twat.

I swear I could probably do a month of blog posts about the stupid poses or faces I pull when getting my photo taken. I just can’t stand there and smile. I think part of it is that I hate having my photo taken – I like being behind the lens – so I have to do something stupid every time to make the picture bad. That’s some stupid thinking, but hey, here I am with no good pictures AT ALL.

I bought it yesterday from City Chic. I LOVE IT. It’s bright, comfortable and the fabric feels so good. It was amazing wearing it today, except when we ventured in to Ponsonby and the clouds decided to come in and the wind was cold. Then it was not so great, but for summer, I’m going to be as cool as a cucumber.

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