Dr Suess meets the two Deans.

I actually have to start thinking quite hard so as to remember what I did in a day. Today I even needed to read back over the days tweets.


I think this is starting to show that the days are starting to blend and be fairly similar. It surprises me on a daily basis that I can actually think of something different to write everyday.

Sign of a true writer?

I’d like to think so.

I still haven’t figured out why some of you read them either. Maybe it’s time to enlighten me? Feel free, comment box is below.

So today…

Earthquake this morning at 4am woke me up. Got the adrenaline pumping, but I was so tired I got back to sleep fairly quickly. You could definitely tell this one was bigger than the ones we’ve been feeling in the last few months.

This morning on twitter, I saw a tweet that really spoke to me, you could say. It was tweeted by Rose McGowan, but I think she was retweeting Julie Benz. Either way, both are pretty amazing actresses. It was a quote from Dr Seuss, of all people. You kind of don’t think Dr Suess can actually offer anything profound, it’s all just green eggs and ham right?


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

This sums up a number of things that I believe in. You shouldn’t bite your tongue because something you say might offend someone. It’s your opinion and everyone has the right to voice theirs. Also, there are people in this world that you are not meant to have in your life. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. You won’t get along with everyone, it’s just how life is, you can’t change that. But those people who don’t appreciate you for who you are, do not deserve to know you and you shouldn’t waste any of your precious time trying to get them to like you. Cut them out of your life. That’s what I did with some people and I’m better off for it.

I really didn’t mean for this post to turn into something like that, it just came out, which sometimes is a good thing.

So what else happened today?

I received a marriage proposal from Westfield via email. I told @jethrocarr he has competition, but then @shrimp_features informed me that Westfield had proposed to her too! Westfield was playing us both! That means I *may* just keep @jethrocarr.

In other emails, got another job rejection. It stung a little, as they all tend to do. But it kind of spurred me on to get back to it. I went and registered with Adecco, but they informed me that in Hawke’s Bay they don’t get many journalism jobs, but they were going to forward my information onto the Wellington office and hopefully they will have something.


But it still got me into a bit of a funk and I haven’t done any more job applications. This weekend I must do some. It’s just starting to get ridiculous. There’s just not much out there. *sigh*

In a shock horror moment to me, I walked out on buying a new handbag. I think I’ll just go digging around my wardrobe to find one I can use and then save the money.


@LittleIchiban had sent me some American food and it arrived today! Pop-tarts! 3Musketeers! Zinger!


It is always a good day, when Supernatural is back too! I didn’t realise it started again on TV last week, or I did, but it didn’t really register. So I quickly found the first episode of season 5 and watched that then watched the second episode.


Have also been put onto a new web comic that brings teh lols (new for me, at least). It is questionable content and it is hilarious.


Soz for the TL;DR post. I guess today was just rather eventful and there were lots of things I wanted to tell ya’ll bout.

I finally watch Anchorman.

I only just realised, as I come to sit here to write today’s post, that I completely forgot to do one for yesterday. It did not even cross my mind. And now, I do not even remember what I did.

It is just shameful. That’s what it is.

But the way my day-to-day life is going currently, there was nothing spectacular happen anyway, so it would have been a fairly dreary post. In a way, I have saved you from some of the mundaneness that is my life.


Today was probably nothing of interest to you either, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Because I can.

Day started off a bit rough, because when I finally emerged from my bedchamber, Parents informed me that Mother was to be having more eye surgery. Next week.

This is now for her other eye, but it means that she has got to be on her side for five days and literally cannot see currently.

I guess it’s kind of a blessing in disguise that I just happened to lose my job when Mother needed me the most. But on the other hand, should I be putting my life on hold to help her until she is back on her feet, so to speak? One of life’s biggest questions really and either way you decide to go, the answer will be wrong.

But I guess we carry on as best we can and things will eventually sort themselves out.

Friend came round in the afternoon, which made me feel a bit better, because I was able to just chat with her and hang, talk about nonsense really.

There was also the added bonus of gorging ourselves on McDonald’s. What fatties we are.

After Friend left, I went round to t’other Friend’s place. One which I have dubbed “Benny Boo Boo Bear’s Purple Pimp Pad”. Because it’s purple and Ben is a pimp (not literally, but he acts like it, yanno?)

This is where I had the most delicious creation ever – peanut butter and nutella between two milk arrowroot biscuits.


I can feel the heart struggling already… :/

We then proceeded to watch The Town, which I thought was pretty good, but intense. I don’t know if I would ever watch it again because of that. But nonetheless, it is definitely one you should watch. Also, to see Blake Lively as as whore, is a far cry from the Upper East Side, which she is used to.

She just screams white trash.

Which, I guess, actually shows she’s a pretty decent actor.

We decided another movie was in order and after scrolling through the thousands that Ben has, we settled on Anchorman.

Now I was propositioned right at the start of my blog a day to watch Anchorman and enjoy it by @m00ps. I can now say that I have seen it, I understand the references, but still, I did not enjoy it*.

Well, m00psy, looks like it’s the block button for me? (I say, not really meaning it, because what would I do without my m00psy w00psy? Die a little inside? Probably.)

I don’t know what it is about Anchorman, my first instinct is definitely Will Ferrel. I’m not exactly a fan of his and I do tend to avoid any movies with him in it. The fact that the movie contains every single one of his chums does not help it’s case.

Maybe my sense of humour is ill-suited to that of Anchorman. Just like Napoleon Dynamite?

Now that is a shite movie.

We may never know.

But for now. I’m going to say that Fantastic Mr Fox was more hilarious than Anchorman.

*If you feel the need to no longer be friends with me because I did not find Anchorman the most hilarious movie ever, maybe it’s about time?

I get driver’s arm and "do" Wellington.

Today I drove to Wellington for my interview.

Uneventful drive, but what really annoyed me was that the only cafe in Shannon was closed. Hmph. So I know it is post Christmas/New Years, but aren’t most people returning to work this week? I dunno. All I know is that I had to continue driving to Otaki before I could find food that I actually wanted to eat. I was super hungry by then.

Made it to Wellington in good time and surprisingly did not get lost. Had the interview, which I think went well, but I am not going to count my chickens before they hatch, so to speak. The old cliche.

I then met my friend Nirusha at Parliament. Haven’t seen her in ages and we just sat on the grass by a statue of some dude (I didn’t go and see who it was, I probably should have) and talked. Haven’t seen her since March last year. ‘Twas awesome.

Then I finally got to meet @I_Am_Artemis! She is as awesome in person as she is on twitter. Totes McGoats.

Then I met @jethrocarr. He made me walk all around Wellington just to find coffee after 5pm. But he did pay for the coffee, so I’ll forgive him.

Somehow I managed to find where I parked my car again and then tried to get back onto the motorway. This was when I got lost.

Google maps to the rescue!

The final tally of Lisa does Wellington was: Lisa: 2, Wellington: 1. I win this round! That means I like you Wellington, you were kind to me.

However, I stopped at the BP in Mana and the attendant mentioned that I had “gotten a bit of sun today”. That would be right. My right arm is tomato red. Whoops. Note to self: wear sunscreen.

Now I’m going to have one really brown arm and one fluorescent white arm. Awkward.

But the most important thing is that I got to Wellington and back in Chewy (my rust bucket of a car. Called Chewy after Chewbacca, because the breaks make sounds like when Chewy is talking). Although he did begin to overheat a bit, he held in there and delivered me back to Hell-stings (see what I did there?)

Sister and Brother-in-law are here this week, so I should probably call it a day. It has been a long one full of excitement.

I hang out with a four-year-old and a few other salacious things happen.

Four-year-olds are farkin’ hilarious. If you ever get a chance to hang out with one, you should.

Today, my friend and her son came out to my place for a swim and cheesecake. The swim was absolute bliss, because the temperature was something like 32 today. Uncomfortable.

Anyway, the four-year-old just has so much energy, it’s ridiculous. He gets one idea in his head and he has to do it, regardless of what his mother says. He also has no fear of water. It was actually a nightmare trying to keep him away from the pool, which is way over his head, until we were ready to go in with him.

He then has this thing he likes to do called Run Rabbit. Basically, it’s the song Run Rabbit and he takes a massive run up and jumps into the pool. Also, does anybody remember noodles? They’re like these long foam things that you take in the pool, quite good for flotation. Some of the ones we have, have holes through them and the four-year-old quickly discovered that you can get water in it and then blow one end and aim it at someone. He’s a fast learner. Needless to say, we got wet.

However, after spending only a few minutes in the pool, the four-year-old got quite cold, he is quite scrawny and short for his age, so we had to get out of the pool. Being after Christmas and New Years, there were still a few treats in the cupboard. So I offered him a few biscuits, chocolate among them, and he picks the plain ones – like shortbread. What four-year-old doesn’t go for the chocolate biscuits?

What a weird child.

Anyway, Friend and I took him to his Grandmother’s to stay, so we could hang out a bit more. While she was getting him sorted for an overnight stay, I took to twitter. Massive conversations ensued.

Firstly, I had a dream about twitter people last night. One in particular and that is all I’m going to say here. Got lots of advice from people, still undecided.

But when you start dreaming about people you have never met, maybe it is time for a break? This weekend, I aim to spend less time on twitter. If any at all.

The other conversation that ensued was something that Friend brought up. Why do guys like boobs? They have a purpose to provide milk to babies etc, but what is the fascination that guys have with them?

Needless to say, a lot of people had an opinion. The consensus was that they are, in fact, awesome. But getting down to the specifics, they have been highly sexualised in our culture and it is a sub-conscious thought for most guys.

So ladies, you’re walking down the street, it’s pretty much guaranteed every dude is looking at your chest.

Many people brought up the fact that a nice pair is an indicator of good fertility. So it really does come back to that basic principle that the male sex is looking for the best partner to carry on their seed. Which brings in those, mostly, African cultures. Boobs are not sexualised at all. They are milk tankers and nothing else. In these cultures, they are also lacking in bras, so they tend to sag quickly and are not “nice” like ours.


So after dropping off the four-year-old, friend and I did a mish to the supermarket, where we had a few “hot boy” moments. There was one stocking the fizzy drinks, then there was a man in uniform, a cop to be exact.

Today really turned into frisky Friday. I blame Friend.

After eating dinner, we watched I Love You, Man. The funny thing was, that I cannot for the life of me remember when I had seen it, but I definitely have. Is totally going to bug me now. Totes McGoats.

So wasn’t that a fun filled day, aye?

Anyway, soz for the super long post… lataz on the menjayyyyyyyyy.

I pronounce myself as MAJOR AWESOME *salutes*

Today has been rather hectic.

I made a cheesecake – caramel and chocolate for dessert tonight and also three salads, which kept me in the kitchen most of the day.

I even discussed with @mitchyyyyy about sending him a cake. He was worried their courier would eat it, but I suggested hiding it in a book. This plan will come to fruition. Mitchyyyyy-moo will get his cake. Honest.

I am quite exhausted and all gross because of that whole sweating while cooking thing. I’ll tell you, boiling potatoes in 28 degree heat is really unpleasant.

I would totes make someone a good wife, the only thing I ask of you is to remove me from this hell hole I call Hastings. Seriously. Any takers?

I was even a good granddaughter and went and retrieved my grandparents from Napier airport because they returned today from two weeks in Sydney.


However, I did break the cardinal rule of fashion and wore leggings as pants today. Not for exercise, but out in public. You should shun me, honestly shuuuuun, shuuuuuuu-uuu-uuuuun. But, a slight reprieve, I had a long glassons singlet on and my long collar shirt – they tend to cover everything worth flashing. I kept my dignity. I’m a lady.

So finally, I am able to sit down. I’ve just been go-go-go all day. Although not as busy as I would be if I was working, it was a busy day for this unemployed schmuck.

But now, I have to put my brain in gear and write some cover letters. JOY OF JOYS.