I finally watch Anchorman.

I only just realised, as I come to sit here to write today’s post, that I completely forgot to do one for yesterday. It did not even cross my mind. And now, I do not even remember what I did.

It is just shameful. That’s what it is.

But the way my day-to-day life is going currently, there was nothing spectacular happen anyway, so it would have been a fairly dreary post. In a way, I have saved you from some of the mundaneness that is my life.


Today was probably nothing of interest to you either, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Because I can.

Day started off a bit rough, because when I finally emerged from my bedchamber, Parents informed me that Mother was to be having more eye surgery. Next week.

This is now for her other eye, but it means that she has got to be on her side for five days and literally cannot see currently.

I guess it’s kind of a blessing in disguise that I just happened to lose my job when Mother needed me the most. But on the other hand, should I be putting my life on hold to help her until she is back on her feet, so to speak? One of life’s biggest questions really and either way you decide to go, the answer will be wrong.

But I guess we carry on as best we can and things will eventually sort themselves out.

Friend came round in the afternoon, which made me feel a bit better, because I was able to just chat with her and hang, talk about nonsense really.

There was also the added bonus of gorging ourselves on McDonald’s. What fatties we are.

After Friend left, I went round to t’other Friend’s place. One which I have dubbed “Benny Boo Boo Bear’s Purple Pimp Pad”. Because it’s purple and Ben is a pimp (not literally, but he acts like it, yanno?)

This is where I had the most delicious creation ever – peanut butter and nutella between two milk arrowroot biscuits.


I can feel the heart struggling already… :/

We then proceeded to watch The Town, which I thought was pretty good, but intense. I don’t know if I would ever watch it again because of that. But nonetheless, it is definitely one you should watch. Also, to see Blake Lively as as whore, is a far cry from the Upper East Side, which she is used to.

She just screams white trash.

Which, I guess, actually shows she’s a pretty decent actor.

We decided another movie was in order and after scrolling through the thousands that Ben has, we settled on Anchorman.

Now I was propositioned right at the start of my blog a day to watch Anchorman and enjoy it by @m00ps. I can now say that I have seen it, I understand the references, but still, I did not enjoy it*.

Well, m00psy, looks like it’s the block button for me? (I say, not really meaning it, because what would I do without my m00psy w00psy? Die a little inside? Probably.)

I don’t know what it is about Anchorman, my first instinct is definitely Will Ferrel. I’m not exactly a fan of his and I do tend to avoid any movies with him in it. The fact that the movie contains every single one of his chums does not help it’s case.

Maybe my sense of humour is ill-suited to that of Anchorman. Just like Napoleon Dynamite?

Now that is a shite movie.

We may never know.

But for now. I’m going to say that Fantastic Mr Fox was more hilarious than Anchorman.

*If you feel the need to no longer be friends with me because I did not find Anchorman the most hilarious movie ever, maybe it’s about time?