I pronounce myself as MAJOR AWESOME *salutes*

Today has been rather hectic.

I made a cheesecake – caramel and chocolate for dessert tonight and also three salads, which kept me in the kitchen most of the day.

I even discussed with @mitchyyyyy about sending him a cake. He was worried their courier would eat it, but I suggested hiding it in a book. This plan will come to fruition. Mitchyyyyy-moo will get his cake. Honest.

I am quite exhausted and all gross because of that whole sweating while cooking thing. I’ll tell you, boiling potatoes in 28 degree heat is really unpleasant.

I would totes make someone a good wife, the only thing I ask of you is to remove me from this hell hole I call Hastings. Seriously. Any takers?

I was even a good granddaughter and went and retrieved my grandparents from Napier airport because they returned today from two weeks in Sydney.


However, I did break the cardinal rule of fashion and wore leggings as pants today. Not for exercise, but out in public. You should shun me, honestly shuuuuun, shuuuuuuu-uuu-uuuuun. But, a slight reprieve, I had a long glassons singlet on and my long collar shirt – they tend to cover everything worth flashing. I kept my dignity. I’m a lady.

So finally, I am able to sit down. I’ve just been go-go-go all day. Although not as busy as I would be if I was working, it was a busy day for this unemployed schmuck.

But now, I have to put my brain in gear and write some cover letters. JOY OF JOYS.