The Ghost Writer (2010)

A Ghost: A writer who is paid to write texts that are attributed to another person.

Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) is the former UK Prime Minister. He is writing a memoir, nay, his ghost writer is doing that. It is kept under tight security and does not leave the house in which Lang resides.

When the first Ghost tasked with writing the memoirs washes up on a beach dead, it passes to the replacement (Ewan McGregor) to finish the book.

The Ghost wonders what he has gotten himself in to and as he delves deeper into research, he discovers a few things he shouldn’t, which puts him in immense danger.

But with the natural curiosity of a writer, he doesn’t stop looking and even though everything may seem fine, there are more twists than anyone could see coming.

Directed by Roman Polanski, with the screenplay by himself and Robert Harris – who wrote the novel in which the movie is based – it is a brilliant film, surrounded in mystery and intrigue.

The acting ability of the cast is a huge plus in making this movie believable, except it is quite clear that Kim Cattrall cannot do emotion well. She should really stick to roles in which she owns sassy.

The majority of the movie flowed smoothly, but there were a few scenes that seemed stiff, stagnant and ultimately went nowhere.

It leaves the viewer trying to figure out what is happening, but is never what you expect. It will leave you guessing until the very end and beyond.

However, it is up to The Ghost to find the truth…