I get driver’s arm and "do" Wellington.

Today I drove to Wellington for my interview.

Uneventful drive, but what really annoyed me was that the only cafe in Shannon was closed. Hmph. So I know it is post Christmas/New Years, but aren’t most people returning to work this week? I dunno. All I know is that I had to continue driving to Otaki before I could find food that I actually wanted to eat. I was super hungry by then.

Made it to Wellington in good time and surprisingly did not get lost. Had the interview, which I think went well, but I am not going to count my chickens before they hatch, so to speak. The old cliche.

I then met my friend Nirusha at Parliament. Haven’t seen her in ages and we just sat on the grass by a statue of some dude (I didn’t go and see who it was, I probably should have) and talked. Haven’t seen her since March last year. ‘Twas awesome.

Then I finally got to meet @I_Am_Artemis! She is as awesome in person as she is on twitter. Totes McGoats.

Then I met @jethrocarr. He made me walk all around Wellington just to find coffee after 5pm. But he did pay for the coffee, so I’ll forgive him.

Somehow I managed to find where I parked my car again and then tried to get back onto the motorway. This was when I got lost.

Google maps to the rescue!

The final tally of Lisa does Wellington was: Lisa: 2, Wellington: 1. I win this round! That means I like you Wellington, you were kind to me.

However, I stopped at the BP in Mana and the attendant mentioned that I had “gotten a bit of sun today”. That would be right. My right arm is tomato red. Whoops. Note to self: wear sunscreen.

Now I’m going to have one really brown arm and one fluorescent white arm. Awkward.

But the most important thing is that I got to Wellington and back in Chewy (my rust bucket of a car. Called Chewy after Chewbacca, because the breaks make sounds like when Chewy is talking). Although he did begin to overheat a bit, he held in there and delivered me back to Hell-stings (see what I did there?)

Sister and Brother-in-law are here this week, so I should probably call it a day. It has been a long one full of excitement.