Dr Suess meets the two Deans.

I actually have to start thinking quite hard so as to remember what I did in a day. Today I even needed to read back over the days tweets.


I think this is starting to show that the days are starting to blend and be fairly similar. It surprises me on a daily basis that I can actually think of something different to write everyday.

Sign of a true writer?

I’d like to think so.

I still haven’t figured out why some of you read them either. Maybe it’s time to enlighten me? Feel free, comment box is below.

So today…

Earthquake this morning at 4am woke me up. Got the adrenaline pumping, but I was so tired I got back to sleep fairly quickly. You could definitely tell this one was bigger than the ones we’ve been feeling in the last few months.

This morning on twitter, I saw a tweet that really spoke to me, you could say. It was tweeted by Rose McGowan, but I think she was retweeting Julie Benz. Either way, both are pretty amazing actresses. It was a quote from Dr Seuss, of all people. You kind of don’t think Dr Suess can actually offer anything profound, it’s all just green eggs and ham right?


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

This sums up a number of things that I believe in. You shouldn’t bite your tongue because something you say might offend someone. It’s your opinion and everyone has the right to voice theirs. Also, there are people in this world that you are not meant to have in your life. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. You won’t get along with everyone, it’s just how life is, you can’t change that. But those people who don’t appreciate you for who you are, do not deserve to know you and you shouldn’t waste any of your precious time trying to get them to like you. Cut them out of your life. That’s what I did with some people and I’m better off for it.

I really didn’t mean for this post to turn into something like that, it just came out, which sometimes is a good thing.

So what else happened today?

I received a marriage proposal from Westfield via email. I told @jethrocarr he has competition, but then @shrimp_features informed me that Westfield had proposed to her too! Westfield was playing us both! That means I *may* just keep @jethrocarr.

In other emails, got another job rejection. It stung a little, as they all tend to do. But it kind of spurred me on to get back to it. I went and registered with Adecco, but they informed me that in Hawke’s Bay they don’t get many journalism jobs, but they were going to forward my information onto the Wellington office and hopefully they will have something.


But it still got me into a bit of a funk and I haven’t done any more job applications. This weekend I must do some. It’s just starting to get ridiculous. There’s just not much out there. *sigh*

In a shock horror moment to me, I walked out on buying a new handbag. I think I’ll just go digging around my wardrobe to find one I can use and then save the money.


@LittleIchiban had sent me some American food and it arrived today! Pop-tarts! 3Musketeers! Zinger!


It is always a good day, when Supernatural is back too! I didn’t realise it started again on TV last week, or I did, but it didn’t really register. So I quickly found the first episode of season 5 and watched that then watched the second episode.


Have also been put onto a new web comic that brings teh lols (new for me, at least). It is questionable content and it is hilarious.


Soz for the TL;DR post. I guess today was just rather eventful and there were lots of things I wanted to tell ya’ll bout.

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  1. Glad to hear you'll keep me around for a bit longer ;-)Sorry to hear about the job rejections – but I know sooner or later you'll get interviewed by a company that thinks you're as awesome as I do, so keep pushing that CV 🙂

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