Aussie Curves – Time Saver

I almost wasn’t going to do this week’s Aussie Curves theme, but then I thought, why the hell not.

So I’m doing something a bit different. Firstly, I’m currently in Auckland, so I don’t even have access to my wardrobe.

However, I then started thinking, what better time to do a time saver outfit when I am on holiday?

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Aussie Curves – Sparkle

I have a confession to make. I really struggled with this week’s Aussie Curves theme.

Most people probably wouldn’t have a problem coming up with something for Sparkle week. And although I love sparkly things, I finally realised I don’t actually own that many things that would fall into the category.

I have lusted over various sequin dresses and skirts (hello ASOS), but have never bought any. Mostly because I feel that the garment would be hard to clean and sequins have a tendency to fall off, so the beauty of the garment will not last. Thus I have avoided most sparkly pieces of clothing. Which left me struggling to come up with an outfit.

Then, I was laying in bed one night trying to get to sleep and suddenly thought, ‘I could use my gold glitter clutch! Huzzah!’

But where is that glitter clutch? Buried in a suitcase at Man Piece’s parents’ place. Darn.

Back to the drawing board.

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Aussie Curves – Hipster

My wardrobe is kind of a mix of styles, but mostly I like to associate with the punk, rock, chic style. So when it came to Hipster week for Aussie Curves, I thought I was good.

Then I got stuck for ideas.

I took to Pinterest and searched for Hipster. Most of the results were pantyhose with short shorts, flannelette shirts and boots. But what also popped up were a lot of cute cuddly jumpers. I had just the thing.


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Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash

It has been a long time since I did an Aussie Curves post, but I’m back!

This week’s theme is Pattern Clash. I don’t tend to own a lot of patterns. I shy away from them as I see them as too ‘out there’ for me, most of the time. If I do buy patterns, it is because they are fairly subtle, or are within the stripes/polka dots style of pattern, nothing too major.

Now, pattern clashing is meant to be a huge trend this winter. And one tip I have picked up is that the best way to clash is to keep with the same colour palette.


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