Aussie Curves – Denim

So another year of Aussie Curves begins!

The only denim items in my wardrobe are many pairs of jeans, so when it came to deciding what to wear my decision was pretty much made for me.

But of course if I was just going to wear jeans, they were going to be the best pair of jeans I own – a pair of City Chic’s TDFs.


I stand by the TDF jeans. They are some of the best jeans I have ever owned and they fit perfectly. I wear the Apple skinnies. The best part about them is the adjustable elastic hidden in the waist. Great for when the denim eventually stretches out a bit and you need to tighten it up (saves wearing a belt!) Also the fact that they come in two different lengths is fantastic. I think I am wearing the short ones? I can’t quite remember. The regulars do tend to bunch up at the ankles, so I opt for the short to avoid that.

I’ve only just bought this pair and I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop. It is so great to have a pair back in my wardrobe. I had owned both a blue and black pair previously, but because I wore them so much both pairs unfortunately developed that dreaded inner thigh split.


This is my new scarf that I picked up from Ezibuy for $10. I loved it at first sight and it has become an every day item around my neck.


I took these photos on the walk around Thorndon Quay and on to the Hutt Rd. It was a great place as it had a lot of sun and this awesome blue fence.

I wanted something comfortable to wear today as Man Piece and I were going to catch the train to the Hutt to look at furniture shops. (Move in day to our own house is fast approaching – one month to go!) However we soon found the trains weren’t running so instead decided to look at the furniture shops around Thorndon Quay. I hadn’t quite expected to do so much walking, but this outfit suited me just fine.


This t-shirt is great for wanting a really relaxed, almost 90s grunge look. It was described as acid-wash – that’s 90s, right? The cardigan I picked up quite recently because I wanted a longaline one that I could snuggle into, but wasn’t so wrecked I could get away with it at work. Plus the Aztec print on it is excellent.


I can’t even really explain this picture. Man Piece said I needed to smile ‘naturally’ and then he took this. I guess I was shrugging?

It is great to see so many people have taken part in the first week of the new Aussie Curves list – make sure you click through to check out the rest of the entires.

T-shirt: ASOS Curve
Jeans: City Chic [available here]
Cardigan: City Chic
Scarf: Ezibuy
Boots: Ziera

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14 thoughts on “Aussie Curves – Denim

  1. I love this outfit Lisa! I definately have to get my hands on some tdf jeans… Tdf must stand for ‘to die for’ soo true! And im totally loving that cardi! Think I better keep my eye out for one of those!
    Great job! Looks great!

  2. Love it! I’m all about the TDF jeans! They’re so amazing. I have a small waist compared to my booty so being able to adust the waist makes a huge difference!! You look super cool!

    • Thanks Murphy! I’m totally the opposite in proportions to you, but I love how they’ve catered to the different shapes (and that I can finally find a pair of jeans that fit in my thighs/bum and around my tummy).

  3. Great outfit! I’m really going to have to go in and try out those CC jeans, I have such a problem finding jeans that fit, but I’ve just heard so many people rave about these ones!

    • DO IT. I would suggest trying them on in store first time as well. When I first bought my black pair I got the same size as my blue but had to return and go up a size! Something about the material. Yet all the CC sales people have told me they find people go down a size in the black. I still haven’t figured out what’s going on.

    • I would highly recommend you do. I am in LOVE with the scarf. Thanks for putting me on to it (although inadvertently).

  4. OMG I love the last photo…that’s really ‘Classic Lisa’ 🙂

    I wish I was into denim….I only have one pair of jeans from City Chic (and they’re great) but I just don’t wear them as much as I should. Maybe I need to get over myself.

    • Actually, now that you’ve pointed it out, that photo really is ‘me’. I need to try and just relax in front of the camera. Unfortunately this was a rare fluke.

      I know a lot of people just don’t like denim (or even pants), but I love it. Have you tried the TDFs? They are definitely next level awesomeness for jeans/denim. They may make you re-think denim.

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