I drop the wordpress and gain a domain.

I have been thinking for awhile that it was time to buy my own domain.

Because these things confuse me a little, I got Man Piece to investigate.

About half an hour ago he said some stuff and basically told me what I had to do with wordpress to have my own domain, but keep everything the same.

So the only thing that has changed is instead of seeing lisarapley.wordpress.com in the url, you will now see lisarapley.com. Everything is still where it was and I am told everything will just redirect from the old wordpress domain.

You don’t even have to update your RSS feeds. How snazzy.

And considering the amount of money I spend on clothes in a year, the $18 cost for registration was nothing.

Also, as this blog celebrated its fourth birthday back in August, which I totally missed, it was definitely time to grow up a bit.

So here’s to more happy blogging!

And a picture of grumpy cat: