Fashion fabulous

Today, right now, you get an actual picture on this blog!

It might be the first one ever! (I actually can’t remember whether I’ve put one up before.)

So this is me.

The point of this picture is my outfit. I think I look a bit gross actually, but I always think that about myself, except when my hair and face are did. In this picture they are not.

I just thought this was a cool outfit that I managed to put together. Aren’t I smart?

So I have on my pleather skirt, which I found at The Warehouse about a year ago.
My new floral top from Pagani.
Black singlet underneath, black pantyhose – pretty plus, they are awesome and actually stay up and black cardy.

I think it works. I love getting new pieces that end up going well with old pieces. Yay!

Here is another picture of me where I’m all made up. I have been told I was looking hawt that night.

I’m wearing my new City Chic dress. I love it so much. If I could wear it everyday, I would. Except I don’t think it is exactly appropriate for everyday wear. I don’t even know if I could get away with it at work.

Lastly, a pair of shoes!

These are my peep-toe heel-boots. They stop at the ankle, but are very boot like. Have a gold zip as the trim and are ridiculously comfortable. I don’t imagine ever getting a blister in these.

I had them on, because I wanted to try and get used to them, or just get used to heels in general. So I was baking the lemon meringue cupcakes, while wearing heels. I’m totally awesome.

But after about an hour-and-a-half of standing and kind of walking round the kitchen my feet were starting to get a bit sore. I could have definitely kept wearing them. But going for that long without sitting down can be a bit painful. So off they came.

The jeans I am wearing are the ones I rediscovered yesterday that don’t do up, but make my legs look awesome.

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