I am not clucky. Babies are just cute.

I can’t even remember what I have done this week. Or why I haven’t done any blog posts. I just actually don’t know.

I did have some fun times with @LittleIchiban and Jammin’ Ben on Tuesday. (Sidenote: Yay! Lobster is here!) where we watched a whole heap of Tosh.O, which is now my new favourite TV programme. It is quite hilarious and the guy isn’t bad to look at either.

Had family dinner on Wednesday night. Cousins are here from Toronto. I got to meet my new 2nd cousin, Finn, for the first time – he is 10 months old.. He is so gorgeous. He actually makes me want to have children.

I don’t care what @Jethrocarr says, I AM NOT CLUCKY. I’m just coming round to the idea of actually having kids sometime in the future. I am not ready to change dirty diapers and clean up baby vomit and deal with all other array of things. Oh and then there’s the paying for it for the next 18 or so years (Yes, OR SO YEARS. Don’t judge me, but I’m 24 next week and currently living at home. Only because I haven’t found a job yet. I did spend five years away.)

I am now sitting in #geekflat, having driven down from Hastings today with @LittleIchiban. Did have lunch with entire family – Gran, Uncle, Mother, Father, Cousin, Cousin’s Wife, Baby Cousin.

I has a big family.

But Baby Cousin is so ridiculously cute, as I have already said and I got to play with him and entertain him today at lunch, it was not all bad.

Tonight we had dinner at Wholly Pizza, so delicious and I have done a bit of preparation for my job interview tomorrow.


Will then be driving back to Hastings, then back to Wellington on Sunday. THAT’S A LOT OF TRAVELLING.

Anyway, off to bed. I’m all YAWN FACE.