Memory ain’t that great, but at least my Lobster’s coming.

I didn’t do anything that I had planned to do today.

I had planned to do some photography work, which I haven’t done any in a long time and I only have till June or something to complete it. :-/

Then I was just going to read. I have many books sitting my the side of my bed that I just haven’t gotten round to reading. The pile is also growing. This might be a near impossibility, but it is. I swear. It’s growing.

Didn’t do that either. Frankly, I don’t know what I did. It was definitely nothing productive. Nothing ever is.

I *think* I watched some TV. I don’t really remember.

I did get an awesome morning wake up call from Man Piece today. It was so sweet. I miss him. Hopefully I won’t be in Hastings for much longer and soon I will be able to see him everyday.

I also had about five text messages from him this morning when I woke up. Drunk poetry via text message at 5am.

Yeah. He’s a keeper.

Tonight I went round to Friend’s house to see her and four-year-old. He was running round all crazy like, made me not want kids. But they had a new kitteh called Thomas and he is so adorable. I want one. He likes me too. He just lay in my arms as I rocked him like a baby. He also climbed on to my stomach while I was sitting on the couch and fell asleep.


We then gorged ourselves on pizza and watched House.

The end.

Tomorrow is a new beginning of sorts. I’m starting to writing for Oh, The Scandal! again after a two week break. I think it will be good for me to get back into things. Although I’ll only be able to do it for three days this week, it’s better than nothing.

And tomorrow my lobster gets here! Aka @LittleIchiban! Yay! Hastings District Council is flying her home for a week from Christchurch. Teh awesome. Not only because of HDC doing that, but because I get to see my lobster for the first time in SIX MONTHS. :O

So an exciting day in store for me tomorrow. I should sleeps. Partly because I’m yawning my face off.