Hectic-ness, Lobster, Bacon and I met THE parents.

Sorry I am not blogging as much as I should be my little munchkins. I has been rather busy.

I should get the bad news out of the way first. Had a job interview on Friday morning. I thought it went quite well and I kept thinking “third time’s the charm!” Well, I was wrong. That afternoon I got the call saying they were going with someone else.


Life of the unemployed journalist shall continue. Just as I will continue applying for various jobs. I actually haven’t thought what I will do with this blog once I get a job as a journalist. Probably just a day in the life of a journalist.


Anyway, hang out with @LittleIchiban for the afternoon. Then I met Man Piece’s parents!


I was rather nervous beforehand, but they’re actually pretty cool. Much cooler than him. Tehehe!

We then drove back to Hastings, which resulted in me being super tired, but it was fun, nonetheless.

Saturday I decided to introduce Man Piece to some of the good things about Hastings.

Yes, there are good things about Hastings. Don’t laugh.

Took him to all day breakfast at Mondo, which he says he enjoyed and up Te Mata Peak to see the fantastic views it offers.

I think he was more excited about driving back down again with the one lane, winding road. He wanted to do at speed. *shudder* Thankfully there was another car going down at the same time as us, so it stopped him being too crazy.

What surprised me was, Man Piece had never had Rush Monro’s ice cream before. So I took him to the original garden ice cream bar on Heretaunga St. We both had maple walnut.

Totes match made in heaven.

We had dinner with my family and then headed out to Benny Boo Boo Bear’s Purple Pimp Pad for some drinking and general shenanigans.

Sunday, somehow, we managed to sleep in without realising it, so it was a mad rush to get to lunch at Coffee Club with @LittleIchiban. BECAUSE IT WAS LOBSTER’S BIRTHDAY.

I had french toast with bacon and banana.


Then it was the four hour drive back to Wellington, in which I kept thinking of things I had forgotten in my rush to pack in the half hour we had from getting back from lunch and our planned departure time. Whoops.

And today, I’ve done nothing. I needed a day of nothing. Absolute nothing. I pretty much slept until after midday and didn’t get out of bed till after one. I proceeded to watch The Big Bang Theory and general internet related stuff that is never productive.

Man Piece then came home, we went to the supermarket and he cooked me dinner. Awwwwww.


Then tonight, had a good old Glee sing-along with @thatjohn. Fantastic times. We did manage to scare Man Piece though. :-/

I wonder what tomorrow will hold in store for me? Perhaps I will venture outside and down the hill? I know one thing is for sure – I desperately need to do some washing.