Mundaneness is mundane.

Today I have being feeling very ‘blah’. Not really sure why, just am.

I ended up sleeping until 1pm without even realising. Usually I will wake up, see the time and then roll over and try and go back to sleep. But today was different. I just slept.

Very unusual.

It has also left me with one of those subtle headaches. It’s not enough to have some panadol, but it’s enough to make you feel like crap.

So you’re basically between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes not a bad place to be. You can be protected there. I bet it’s warm. Best of all, you probably don’t have to interact with anyone while you’re there.

Which is exactly what I wanted to do today – not interact with anyone.


I ended up sitting on the couch and catching up on tv that I had recorded over the last month. Parents were rather annoying with the whole talking over the tv etc, but then they went out and left me alone in the house.


Gran and Uncle then came over for dinner. Wasn’t really in the mood, but I got through it.


I’ve also being feeling a bit lost. I guess that is the right word. I just don’t like sitting around Hastings doing nothing anymore. It’s so goddamn boring. I just want out. I’m also of the thinking that, why should I sit around Hastings, when I could be sitting around Wellington? That way I could be seeing Man Piece everyday.

Which is much more exciting than Hastings any day.

Well at least I am heading to Wellington on Thursday and have another job interview on Friday. It will be my third interview this year. That makes one a month. I think it’s a sign. Everyone does say third time’s the charm.

Might leave you with the mundaneness for the night. Spare you anymore pain, yanno, cause I’m kind like that.

Plus I’m watching an episode of Supernatural now and the Two Deans are just way better than writing.


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