Aussie Curves – Cocktail

Greetings from the Gold Coast!

As I haven’t really had much time this week, what with all the traveling, reading, swimming and eating I have been doing, I realised I hadn’t done my Aussie Curves post this week for Cocktail. But I have done it just in time!

Now cocktail is something that I can really do – I have so many pretty dresses, as Man Piece would say.

However, as I am without camera or really most of the things needed to create an awesome post, this one is mostly going to be a flash back to what I have worn this year.

This year seems to have been one filled with cocktail events for me, particularly for my job and mostly in the last quarter of the year.

I have been lucky enough to be invited to several architecture awards nights and a wedding or two. From this I seem to have accumulated a few really nice dresses.

For this week’s blog post, I am going to show you three of them, as well as the best cocktail venue I have ever been to.

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