It was a year ago…

Just over a year ago Jethro and I moved in to our house.

It’s been an interesting year. How can it not when a pipe bursts your first day of home ownership? That was a learning experience. I don’t think I ever blogged about that – most people who know me IRL have heard the story. It’s a pretty simple one, but something I will never forget. Having only taken possession of the keys a few hours earlier I wondered what the hushing sound coming from the dining/kitchen area was. At first I thought it was nature! Because we have a lot of trees, birds and other things around. But no. Thus began the hunt for the toby of which we have two and the one by the house apparently doesn’t turn off all water. The real one is at the top of our 38m long path. Yay for dux quest (not).

Since then, owning a house has been a bit easier, but still one massive learning experience.


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Peek inside my house: The lounge

Four months ago, Man Piece and I took possession of our very own house. It’s a classic California bungalow and I absolutely adore it.

As we had moved back from Australia, we had no furniture so had to buy all new stuff to fill, what felt like at the time, the monstrous house.

ICYMI: We bought a house and now we have to fill it

But in the four months that we have been here it has started to feel like home (and a lot smaller than we originally thought, but still massive). Especially when you can bash holes in the walls and rip out that tree you don’t like. All a part of making it our own.

The part I was particularly keen on was filling it with furniture. Finally, all those hours spent on Pinterest and watching The Block were about to pay off.

So in the first of a series of posts to show you our new abode, I have taken a few photos to show you how we have filled our lounge. I’m still not completely happy with it, but in time it will get there.


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