Buses are gross.

Bus rides can usually be quite good. You can hide and essentially be by yourself for the amount of time it takes to get to your destination. Plus it’s cheaper than driving and you can nap!

However, yesterday’s bus trip to Wellington, was kind of horrible.

There were so many people. To the point that at Palmerston, it was full. Somebody in every seat. Blerg. People.

There was a crying baby, a kid that kept running up and down the aisle – um, HELLO, we’re in a moving vehicle, not like a plane, please restrain your child and it was filled with Hawke’s Bay’s finest.

Basically, if I looked at them funny they would likely punch me. I was actually a little scared. Also paranoid about leaving my stuff on the bus. Especially my new baby (CAMERA WOO!)

In planes, you can kind of handle the cramped space, you’re only in it for about an hour when you’re going anywhere from anywhere in NZ. But five hours in a bus, where you can’t stretch out and the person in front has pushed their seat back?


Anyway, I just have to keep reminding me that it was only $24 to get down here, instead of the $75 to fill my car (then have to worry about parking) or whatever the cost to fly out of Napier, which at its cheapest is about $118.

I think to avoid the uncomfortableness next time, I will avoid the 2pm Friday bus. Try and get one early in the morning or not on Friday. I would say there would be less people travelling then. I think it was just because it was the last bus to Wellington before the weekend, thus the high number of people. There were a few students (probably boarders) on there in uniform – going home for the weekend etc.

At the end of the day, I made it to Wellington and got to see Man Piece. He also bought me burger and onion rings. He’s such a good provider.

All these great ideas and zero follow through.

So yesterday I watched a whole heap of Glee and then pigged out on Hells for dinner.

I’m such a winner.

Today hasn’t been much better.

I did however leave the house. Mother had things to do, so I had to take her. The obligations of a daughter.


My rant today: Hallmark.


And by big, I mean bigger than standard size. So what you think would only cost 50c to post within New Zealand now costs you a nice $1.20.


I smell a conspiracy. Card companies have increased the sizes of cards to a minuscule degree so that you don’t notice, but when the post office person measures it, they find it is bigger than standard. Thus making you pay more. Thus the post company making more money.

Because you know they have to be making a profit somewhere in there. Just wouldn’t be a business without profit.

That’s my thoughts anyway. $1.20 to post a frickin’ card. It was a card! Ridiculous.

Hell is also making me stabby (and the people in it).


Anyway, because I had relegated myself to my room for the night because I was not wanting to have any contact with parents, I decided to start going though some clothes.

I wanted to be brutal. Then I couldn’t. I don’t know why.

I wish I could just chuck everything I own out and start all over again. It would be so much easier.

I then started on my shoes.

I didn’t get very far there either.

I have so many of them and there are many pairs that I don’t know what to do with them. So they are sitting in the ‘unclassified’ pile of ‘What the hell do I do with you?’

I love my sorting titles. They are teh lolz.

I’ve done two job applications in the last two days. It’s something. Just wish that job would come along already. Hastings makes me angry.

Plus there is the wanting to move to Wellington so I can be with Man Piece.


I get older, spend all my money, get a bit drunk, hate shoes and phone survives beer.

It was my birthday. I turned 24. I feel old.


I can officially say I am in my mid-twenties.

But all-in-all, yesterday was a good day. One of the better birthdays I have had in recent years.

I got to sleep in. Then when I got up, I watched Big Bang Theory (I am addicted, don’t judge me).

I decided to go into town (this day is so thrilling, is it not? Trust me it gets better, but currently I’m in that semi-hungover/lack of sleep tired/soreness, so the brain is not responding how I want it to.)

And I wandered. Yes, wandered. With no real purpose.

I then got to City Chic (aforementioned new favourite store). I bought a purdy dress. It’s actually quite hawt.

By this time I was on Lambton Quay, so continued walking. I was also on the search for a new handbag. I’ve been in a handbag funk of late. I just haven’t been happy with the handbag I’ve been using since the one I had been using broke, so I had to find another one.

I have finally found one! It’s pretty awesome. Can either have it with short shoulder handles or a long kind of satchel handle. I think it is going to suit me for a long time.

So after making those two successful purchases, I was done with my shopping, so made a surprise visit to Man Piece, then headed back to #geekflat, in the rain. *sigh*

I started getting ready for a night out on the town, because not only was it my birthday, it was St Patrick’s Day!


So I donned my new purdy dress and straightened my hair, put make-up on etc etc, all those annoying girly conventions that you are expected to do partake in when going out drinking for a night.

Apparently you need to look pretty.

I also made a sensible decision with shoes to wear and I still got fucked over. Stupid heels.

I decided to wear my flat pulp shoes – heels, yet easy to walk around in, especially down a hill. I even planned ahead and bought some of those Scholl gel pads for heels and spots for other areas that rub. I thought I had it all, alas my feet were still fucked.

I has blisters all over my feet. Unfair. Stupid shoes.

I am now going to stick to nothing but jandles. They are awesome and do not cause blisters on my feet. I officially give up on shoes. I cannot walk in heels down hill, or just long distances and flats tend to rub the shit out of my feet.


The female sex is going to disown me. Sad face.

Anyway, had a few drinks at The Bruhaus with twitter people. Twas lolz. My iPhone also managed to survive a beer spillage. There is nothing wrong with it. It has come through the alcohol drowning unscathed.


Then Man Piece and I caught a taxi home, because seriously, fuck walking. I could no longer feel my toes.

Man Piece then got us pizza. He’s such a good provider.

And we proceeded to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory.

Was a good birthday. I got lots of birthday wishes from various friends on twitter and facebook, which is even better than getting stupid presents that you don’t want, because at least you know people care.

That’s what counts and what I care about. But mostly, I had fun, which I haven’t had on my birthday for a number of years. I’d like to attribute Man Piece to that. ❤

Women have a raw deal, but I did leave the house!

I don’t get why women have to worry about so many things. Plucking eyebrows, shaving legs, armpits etc etc.

And if all the removing hair from various places wasn’t enough, someone decided to make us bleed five days in every month.

Someone must be fucking with us. Seriously.

It’s quite annoying. How have they become social norms? Why can’t we just let everything grow wild?

Because that’s not how things go nowadays. When did it become like this? Now we must make sure our eyebrows are plucked and our legs are shaved and smooth. Apparently guys like this. It’s just a hassle, but yet we subscribe to do it anyway. WHY!? I honestly don’t know. I don’t even know why I subscribe to it. It’s what I have grown up with, technically.

Anyway, that was my morning rant.

I have a new favourite store – City Chic – it has lots of purdy dresses and other nice clothes and they are in larger sizes. Woo! However, they are quite expensive. (this is why I have a sugar daddy)

I decided to leave the house and walk in to Wellington CBD where I caught up with @I_Am_Artemis.

I spent a bit of money. Whoops. But bought a few necessities, like iPhone cases. Got 3 for $15. Win. And got some new headphones because I realised, as we were driving back from Hell on Sunday, I had forgotten headphones. I think they actually fit better than my iPod ones.

The night did not contain much more excitement. I have managed to get myself hooked on The Big Bang Theory though. Sheldon is amazing. I get the feeling I’m a bit like Penny. I’m a normal person, smart in other areas, but when it comes to anything science or computer related, it just goes over my head.

The rest of the night involved snuggling with Man Piece on the couch and watching Tomorrow When The War Began. I quite liked it, but it was not as good as the books. I hope they make the rest of them.

Highlight of my day came from Man Piece. I don’t really want to repeat it here, but if you want to know what it was click here (you probably need to follow me on twitter to see it).

Thus ends yesterday’s blog. I know I’m a bit behind, I’m trying to fix it, honest!

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I have finally gained the confidence to not wear board shorts while swimming.

I still have the bright white thunder thighs, but I no longer feel the need to cover them. (I apologise for that very horrible mental image you are now experiencing).

I do have board shorts, but you see, they don’t fit me right currently, so it’s easier not to wear them. I thought the first time I went without them, the world would explode, but it didn’t.

Now I don’t see any reason to wear them. Who cares if someone sees my bright white thunder thighs? I don’t care that I have them, nobody else should either.

I think I can finally say, that I am comfortable in my body. I have never been comfortable in it before, but now I am. I don’t really know when things changed, but they have.

I am no longer ashamed to walk around in public with minimal clothes on. I just don’t give a shit. I’m comfortable and that is all that matters, right?

I’m proud to have big boobs and to flaunt them. They are what I was given. Of course I still dress within reason, but why shouldn’t I perk them up a bit and wear a low cut top or dress when it is extremely hot outside?

That was kind of my long winded way of saying today was hot and I went for a swim.


Yeah, and that was pretty much my ENTIRE day. Everything else is rather inconsequential and I really can’t think of any way to make it exciting.


FOURtv launched today. They’re going to be playing Sesame St! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

Anyway, I am heading to be early. Yes, midnight is early for me, considering I usually go to sleep at two. I am going to sleep early, because I feel I need to get up tomorrow as I have work to do!


I start writing for Oh, the scandal! So I want to get a jump on the day and get writing. Shall be fun!