Buses are gross.

Bus rides can usually be quite good. You can hide and essentially be by yourself for the amount of time it takes to get to your destination. Plus it’s cheaper than driving and you can nap!

However, yesterday’s bus trip to Wellington, was kind of horrible.

There were so many people. To the point that at Palmerston, it was full. Somebody in every seat. Blerg. People.

There was a crying baby, a kid that kept running up and down the aisle – um, HELLO, we’re in a moving vehicle, not like a plane, please restrain your child and it was filled with Hawke’s Bay’s finest.

Basically, if I looked at them funny they would likely punch me. I was actually a little scared. Also paranoid about leaving my stuff on the bus. Especially my new baby (CAMERA WOO!)

In planes, you can kind of handle the cramped space, you’re only in it for about an hour when you’re going anywhere from anywhere in NZ. But five hours in a bus, where you can’t stretch out and the person in front has pushed their seat back?


Anyway, I just have to keep reminding me that it was only $24 to get down here, instead of the $75 to fill my car (then have to worry about parking) or whatever the cost to fly out of Napier, which at its cheapest is about $118.

I think to avoid the uncomfortableness next time, I will avoid the 2pm Friday bus. Try and get one early in the morning or not on Friday. I would say there would be less people travelling then. I think it was just because it was the last bus to Wellington before the weekend, thus the high number of people. There were a few students (probably boarders) on there in uniform – going home for the weekend etc.

At the end of the day, I made it to Wellington and got to see Man Piece. He also bought me burger and onion rings. He’s such a good provider.