TVNZ fail.

Just came across this on TVNZ.

How come I don’t have a job, but this person does?

Does not compute.

Update: I just realised there should also be a comma between ‘power’ and ‘but’ on the third line.

Calling voicemail – 404: not found.

With going to WINZ employment seminars I thought it was about time to do one of the things that I’ve been told to check – that of my voicemail message.

If you’re looking for work, your voicemail message on your phone could be the make or break point. You don’t really want a possible employer calling you hearing a loud burping sound and then a beep, do you? Or being told to F-off, I’m not going to call you back.

So not having done anything with my voicemail since I got my first phone eight years ago, I thought it was about time to double check what my message said. Cause frankly, what could 16-year-old me possibly have recorded?

This was easier said than done.

I tried to call my voicemail, something that I have been able to do in the past, no problems. But it asked me for my phone number, sure, enter that. “Your number is not listed.”

Say what now?

Yeah, my number wasn’t listed. Does not make sense as I have received voicemails before and have used the service many times.

I got Man Piece to call my phone to see what my message said. It just hung up on him.

Not a good look for prospective employers.

So I called Vodafone. The first guy I talked to was pre-occupied with the last time I had actually received a voicemail and thought that me changing from pre-paid to plan might have cancelled my voicemail.

Yeah, nah. Same number the whole time. Plus, I changed to plan at the beginning of October last year. Turns out, I hadn’t received a voicemail since November last year. Now that didn’t seem right. But I’m usually pretty good at picking up my phone and usually when I have a missed call it’s usually from someone I know like my parents or sister.

So this guy went on saying my voicemail had been turned off. No explanation for how that happened, cause I sure didn’t do it. So I asked him to turn it back on. He said he did and to call 701 to set up my voicemail again.

So I called and got the same, “Your number is not listed.”

Thanks dude.

I called Vodafone again. This time I got a very helpful young man who wanted to talk about the weather and the rugby. He saw what the problem was and actually turned my voicemail back on. This time when I called 701, I was able to record a message. One that I know no prospective employer is going to take offence at.

Ah, the things an unemployed journalist with nothing to do on a Saturday night, while Man Piece plays games on his PC, does.

WINZ makes my head want to explode.

Being unemployed, you’ve got no income at all. You have to rely on Work and Income New Zealand and the unemployment benefit in order to afford even the simplest things. Even then, you don’t get a whole hell of a lot.

But, they can be the cause of many, many headaches.

I have a particular one going right now. I’m raging. Actually blind rage, because what they are asking me to do/telling me and what I have told them and done, just doesn’t add up.

From the beginning: I was on the sickness benefit because after all my university study I had very severe depression and needed a break. But at the start of May, my medical certificate ran out and my doctor wanted me to transition from the sickness to the unemployment. I did not question this, I was quite ready to get a job, beyond ready actually.

I had an appointment at the Flaxmere office, went through the unemployment seminar, which was actually a waste of time for me because it was all “where to find a job”. Yeah, I know where to do that. I then met with a case worker. I told her that there weren’t many opportunities for me in Hastings and that I was wanting to move to Wellington. Because of me wanting to move, they were not able to give me any benefit.

So I moved.

I then made an appointment at the Willis St office and again underwent an unemployment seminar and met with a case worker. Who, I might add, was a lot more understanding than the case worker I met with in Flaxmere. He actually understood that I had skills above physical labour and didn’t want to do any course for practical skills or retraining, because I already had them. He also saw that I had been applying for every and any job that I thought I could do. All of this I did tell the Flaxmere case worker, but she didn’t seem to understand me.

After my first appointment in Wellington, I had to go to a second one with a case worker in order to get the unemployment benefit. I did this the next week and I got my benefit.

This was a HUGE relief, because I also got back pay. By huge relief, think: at the extent of my overdraft starting to panic, relief.

Being on the unemployment benefit, you do have to meet certain requirements. I’m up for that. I’ve been applying for jobs left, right and centre. I just haven’t been getting anywhere with them, which really upsets me.

You also have to go to several employment seminars etc etc. So I had an appointment for one of these at the Wellington office. In a stupid silly mistake of mine, I missed this one. I thought it was on the Wednesday, not the Tuesday. For some reason I thought June 14 was the Wednesday, not the Tuesday. But once I realised my mistake, I called the 0800 number and explained the situation and asked whether I could book in for another one.

However, the guy that I was talking to said that this type of thing had to be booked through an office. I was ok with this, because I walk past the WINZ office quite regularly. It wouldn’t affect me much.

So the next day, I went into the Willis St office and explained the situation to the person on reception and again asked whether I could book for another one. At this point I was told that if I had missed it, someone would call me and that they couldn’t book it there.


So I waited.

Earlier this week I finally got a phone call to re-book this appointment. Unfortunately because I am in Hastings for family obligations currently I couldn’t do it this week or next. I would also like to not have anything to do with the Flaxmere office ever again, because they actually make me feel worthless. So I have an appointment for July 12, when I am back in Wellington.

Now, this is where it starts to make me angry.

Dated June 16, that would be two days after I missed the Wellington appointment, I received a letter saying there was an appointment for me to discuss “Work and Training opportunities” at the Flaxmere office for June 22.

Naturally, being in Wellington, my mother called and canceled this appointment for me saying I had done what they told me and moved.

Another letter arrived, dated June 22, advising me that I had another appointment for the same thing on June 30, at the Flaxmere office.

Because my mother didn’t want to spend another 30 mins on hold to explain the situation she wrote on the letter, “You have already been advised that Lisa is now in Wellington. She has had several appointments at an office there. Please cancel,” and faxed it to the Flaxmere office.

Today I got another letter, dated June 29 saying that I failed to attend an appointment on June 28, to meet work obligations and did not carry out the agreed Job Search Activity. Subsequently, my benefit will reduce from next week.

Um, what?

As far as I am aware, I never had an appointment on June 28.

Other inconsistencies include:
Why are they making appointments for me at the FLAXMERE office, when I have been dealing with the WELLINGTON office to get my benefit and they know I have moved to Wellington.

Why did it take TWO WEEKS for someone to call me and reschedule my missed appointment, when I could have had the appointment re-booked the day of, or day after I had missed one? I put in the effort to rectify my mistake, and now I am been penalised for them making mistakes.

Yes, the first mistake was mine. I am not challenging that. I’m challenging everything that has come AFTER that.

It is not like I have been sitting around on my arse doing nothing. Since I got the unemployment benefit, I have had testing and an interview with Media Monitors, which I didn’t get because they said I wouldn’t fit with the team. As in, my personality wouldn’t fit with the team.

I also had testing with the Wellington Courts for potentially becoming a court reporter. However, I only managed to get to 65wpm on the test and they need at least 70wpm. Damn.

I did some contract work for the Department of Building and Housing.

I’ve also finished my photography diploma. That was A LOT of work.

I’ve also been applying for jobs, as you do when you are looking for a job.

And finally, I have been continuing to write for Oh, The Scandal!

Not that any of these are the employment seminars etc that you have to attend, but they have obviously missed something. LIKE THE FACT I NOW LIVE IN WELLINGTON.

Now, I could have actually gone to the June 30 appointment, because I was actually in Flaxmere at this time. But at the time of the letter, I did not know I was going to be here.

So now I have to call them on Monday to try and sort all this out. Taking up more of my time.
I tweeted earlier: “It’s like, how can they expect you to find time to look for a job, when you’re constantly fighting them?”

Maybe if they actually left me alone, I’d have found a job by now.

That might be a bit unlikely. For some reason no newspaper or media company wants to hire me. I do not know why. And I am getting forever more angry and frustrated about it all. I actually want to crawl in to a hole and forget this entire world exists.

I’d prefer to have nothing to do with WINZ, but alas, I need some money.

The pantyhose saga continues.

Turns out plus size doesn’t actually mean plus size.

In regards to my last post – I went and looked at pantyhose. I tried to wear one of the new pairs I had purchased on Wednesday.

Alas, the package lied.

They were nowhere near plus size and somehow I don’t think someone who was 185cm tall would even be able to fit this pair of pantyhose, which is what the plus size specs said – up to 185cm and 110kgs. They didn’t even make it to my ass. I am not 185cm tall, I’m only about 160cm and yes I’m *around* that weight as well. So you can see why I’m a bit miffed.


So I’m likely going to send them to my sister anyway and if they don’t fit her (because she is freakishly tall) then @LittleIchiban can have a go. As I now have to do this, I’m tempted to take my receipt in and ask for my free pair of footless tights to send down to them too. I’m entitled, so why don’t I? I kind of wish I could return the pantyhose, but I have taken them out of the packaging, so I’m a bit fucked there.

My money is on them fitting @LittleIchiban over sister, because she is much shorter than either of us. Seriously. (No offence though, aye Natchmo. I wub you.)

Stupid people who advertise plus size, when it’s not – you obviously don’t even know what ‘plus size’ is.

It’s bigger than a 16, ya cunts. (I like this word. I don’t care what people say. Plus it is appropriate in this situation because I’m really angry.)

I feel like you should be able to try on pantyhose. They’re clothes right? You don’t buy a pair of pants without trying them on before you buy right? You should be able to try pantyhose on before you buy them, just so that when you do see a lable that says ‘plus size’ you can be assured that they will actually fit your fat arse.

I’m not allowed free stuff because I’m fat.

Today I went into Farmers to have a look at pantyhose.

I only needed to go because yesterday I went to put on a pair of new lacy pantyhose and ended up putting my finger right through them. This was the first time I was to wear them.


So went to look at the packaging to see if they had a specific denier and if it was 50 or above I was going to try and stitch it. However, because they are a lace design and not a denier type of pantyhose they don’t actually have a denier. They are pretty thin, so I don’t think there would be any way to stitch up the hole and for it to hold.

Anyway, that is why I was there. So I had a look around and ended up finding some more pantyhose that I liked. I decided to buy them because I have to buy the plus size pantyhose and there are very few of them around so it’s best to buy them when you see them.

I have only just discovered that there are even plus size pantyhose. It is a godsend because I love wearing them under skirts and dresses in winter with boots, but because I’ve put on weight in the last 2 years a lot of the pairs that I have no longer fit me. Or at least the sizes I was wearing no longer work for me and I was already wearing the xtra-tall. So the logical next step is to start buying the plus sizes, which are amazing. Although limited in colours and design. But if they fit me properly, I’m not complaining.

Currently Farmers have a deal on, if you spend $35 or more on tights you get a free pair of colombine black footless tights. Because I saw this sign I picked up a pair of colombine black footless tights in the plus sizes.

I’m all for free stuff. Yanno, being poor and all.

However, when I got to the counter I was told that yes I was entitled to the free pair of footless tights and what size did I want.

I replied, that the pair I had grabbed was the right size.

I was then informed that they were not the type under the promotion and the salesperson pulled out the type that were, to show me the sizing.

Needless to say they were just normal size pantyhose – no plus size for free!

So I didn’t take the free pair of pantyhose, even though I was technically entitled to them. I didn’t see the point. My mother wouldn’t wear the footless tights, even if I could guess her size. And I don’t think my sister would either, even though I would be able to guess her size. The problem would then be getting them to her, as she lives in Christchurch – I would have to pay to get her the free item.

But anyway, because I can’t fit into normal size pantyhose, I don’t get the free pair even though I met the criteria. What’s the point in taking them if I can’t wear them and they’re just going to sit around?

Shame on you Farmers. Shame.

This isn’t right. It’s actually discriminatory. I was buying plus size pantyhose, why can’t I get a plus size pair for free? Farmers obviously didn’t think of that. Once again, fatties are forgotten about. But ya know what? There’s more of us than you think and it’s about time we started getting our way.