I’m not allowed free stuff because I’m fat.

Today I went into Farmers to have a look at pantyhose.

I only needed to go because yesterday I went to put on a pair of new lacy pantyhose and ended up putting my finger right through them. This was the first time I was to wear them.


So went to look at the packaging to see if they had a specific denier and if it was 50 or above I was going to try and stitch it. However, because they are a lace design and not a denier type of pantyhose they don’t actually have a denier. They are pretty thin, so I don’t think there would be any way to stitch up the hole and for it to hold.

Anyway, that is why I was there. So I had a look around and ended up finding some more pantyhose that I liked. I decided to buy them because I have to buy the plus size pantyhose and there are very few of them around so it’s best to buy them when you see them.

I have only just discovered that there are even plus size pantyhose. It is a godsend because I love wearing them under skirts and dresses in winter with boots, but because I’ve put on weight in the last 2 years a lot of the pairs that I have no longer fit me. Or at least the sizes I was wearing no longer work for me and I was already wearing the xtra-tall. So the logical next step is to start buying the plus sizes, which are amazing. Although limited in colours and design. But if they fit me properly, I’m not complaining.

Currently Farmers have a deal on, if you spend $35 or more on tights you get a free pair of colombine black footless tights. Because I saw this sign I picked up a pair of colombine black footless tights in the plus sizes.

I’m all for free stuff. Yanno, being poor and all.

However, when I got to the counter I was told that yes I was entitled to the free pair of footless tights and what size did I want.

I replied, that the pair I had grabbed was the right size.

I was then informed that they were not the type under the promotion and the salesperson pulled out the type that were, to show me the sizing.

Needless to say they were just normal size pantyhose – no plus size for free!

So I didn’t take the free pair of pantyhose, even though I was technically entitled to them. I didn’t see the point. My mother wouldn’t wear the footless tights, even if I could guess her size. And I don’t think my sister would either, even though I would be able to guess her size. The problem would then be getting them to her, as she lives in Christchurch – I would have to pay to get her the free item.

But anyway, because I can’t fit into normal size pantyhose, I don’t get the free pair even though I met the criteria. What’s the point in taking them if I can’t wear them and they’re just going to sit around?

Shame on you Farmers. Shame.

This isn’t right. It’s actually discriminatory. I was buying plus size pantyhose, why can’t I get a plus size pair for free? Farmers obviously didn’t think of that. Once again, fatties are forgotten about. But ya know what? There’s more of us than you think and it’s about time we started getting our way.

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  1. I probably should have. It is ridiculous. I'm just not the type to throw a hissy fit. I'm passive aggressive – I blog!

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