The Ghost Writer (2010)

A Ghost: A writer who is paid to write texts that are attributed to another person.

Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) is the former UK Prime Minister. He is writing a memoir, nay, his ghost writer is doing that. It is kept under tight security and does not leave the house in which Lang resides.

When the first Ghost tasked with writing the memoirs washes up on a beach dead, it passes to the replacement (Ewan McGregor) to finish the book.

The Ghost wonders what he has gotten himself in to and as he delves deeper into research, he discovers a few things he shouldn’t, which puts him in immense danger.

But with the natural curiosity of a writer, he doesn’t stop looking and even though everything may seem fine, there are more twists than anyone could see coming.

Directed by Roman Polanski, with the screenplay by himself and Robert Harris – who wrote the novel in which the movie is based – it is a brilliant film, surrounded in mystery and intrigue.

The acting ability of the cast is a huge plus in making this movie believable, except it is quite clear that Kim Cattrall cannot do emotion well. She should really stick to roles in which she owns sassy.

The majority of the movie flowed smoothly, but there were a few scenes that seemed stiff, stagnant and ultimately went nowhere.

It leaves the viewer trying to figure out what is happening, but is never what you expect. It will leave you guessing until the very end and beyond.

However, it is up to The Ghost to find the truth…

I’m geeking. The nose bleed is starting.

Today I was enlightened to the fact there is a movie about a year at The New York Times.

And it looks amazing!
Yes I am a geek.
I also have the far-off, probably to be kept in my dreams, dream of actually getting printed in the NYT one day, preferable on page one, because that is what every journalist wants.
Anyway. By the sounds of it, it will be playing at the New Zealand Film Festival. Relevant to my interests the film festival is in Wellington from July 29 to August 14, but it is all over the country. Just check the website.
In discovering this and the fact I am still unemployed, I might try and get to a few and do some reviews for them. Unless someone at a media company would kindly like to hire me and I can go to them all and review them and get paid at the same time? *hint hint*
Here is the trailer for Page One – the New York Times movie. Ahhhhh! Actual excitement! #geek

Honey 2 and Kat Graham – I just don’t even know.

Watch this video:

Two questions for you.

1. Honey 2? WHY? The first one was bad enough.

2. Why is Kat Graham on Vampire Diaries and NOT Glee? Does not compute. Get that woman on Glee, STAT.

I hope this doesn’t flop, although I kind of feel it will, but it could end in disaster for Kat Graham. That would be sad because she has a lot going for her. Yanno, if she stopped using the auto tune so much in her videos and just sang.

Yes, she can sing too.

You can hear it in this one that appeared on Vampire Diaries:

But she has tended to go for the weird auto-tune on the rest of her songs.

Like this:

Some of the pants she wears in this video are truly horrendous too.

She could be awesome if she had stayed away from Honey and auto-tune, but all I want to do now is mock.

Vampire Diaries still rocks though and she is awesome in that.

Awesome or what?

This movie looks teh awesome.

Written and directed my JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, Super 8 looks like the sci-fi thriller of 2011.

As it goes, the Government decided to close down a part of Area 51 in 1979, so everything that was in that area had to be transported out.

The train everything was in ends up crashing in small-town Ohio. Soon after there are disappearances and weird events in the town, which the Deputy tries to uncover.

Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it!?

If that isn’t enough to hook you, the trailer is very creepy.

Cast includes Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Amanda Michalka (The Lovely Bones) and Elle Fanning (yes, that will be Dakota Fanning’s sister.)