Honey 2 and Kat Graham – I just don’t even know.

Watch this video:

Two questions for you.

1. Honey 2? WHY? The first one was bad enough.

2. Why is Kat Graham on Vampire Diaries and NOT Glee? Does not compute. Get that woman on Glee, STAT.

I hope this doesn’t flop, although I kind of feel it will, but it could end in disaster for Kat Graham. That would be sad because she has a lot going for her. Yanno, if she stopped using the auto tune so much in her videos and just sang.

Yes, she can sing too.

You can hear it in this one that appeared on Vampire Diaries:

But she has tended to go for the weird auto-tune on the rest of her songs.

Like this:

Some of the pants she wears in this video are truly horrendous too.

She could be awesome if she had stayed away from Honey and auto-tune, but all I want to do now is mock.

Vampire Diaries still rocks though and she is awesome in that.