I’m geeking. The nose bleed is starting.

Today I was enlightened to the fact there is a movie about a year at The New York Times.

And it looks amazing!
Yes I am a geek.
I also have the far-off, probably to be kept in my dreams, dream of actually getting printed in the NYT one day, preferable on page one, because that is what every journalist wants.
Anyway. By the sounds of it, it will be playing at the New Zealand Film Festival. Relevant to my interests the film festival is in Wellington from July 29 to August 14, but it is all over the country. Just check the website.
In discovering this and the fact I am still unemployed, I might try and get to a few and do some reviews for them. Unless someone at a media company would kindly like to hire me and I can go to them all and review them and get paid at the same time? *hint hint*
Here is the trailer for Page One – the New York Times movie. Ahhhhh! Actual excitement! #geek