What’s in a handbag?

Throughout my life many bags have come and gone. Totes, shoulder bags, cross body bags, backpacks… all sorts. You name it and I have probably had one and subsequently gotten rid of them (mostly).

I have searched tirelessly for the bag to end the search. The one which would keep me happy, would carry everything I desired and most of all would not break. Especially the not breaking part.

I thought I had found that one bag. I lusted after it for months. I had almost given up all hope of owning it. But then, one magical day, it was mine. I see it lasting many years and being with me through tough times. Only when the last stitch finally gives way and the pieces fall to the ground while I weep over it as my lipstick rolls into the gutter will be the day I stop using it. Even after a year of service it is still going strong and I love it just as much as the day I bought it, which is quite unusual for me and handbags. I tire of them quickly and discard them while already having moved on to the next.

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