Wellington Bake Club: Week 1

As part of Wellington On a Plate there is the Wellington Bake Club. At my new job we have put together a group of bakers called The Cheap Tarts.

I’m always up to do some baking. At my job in Sydney there were a few of us who liked to bake, so we had a few bake days there. When presented with the opportunity to do the same thing in Wellington, I said yes. I’m always up to do some baking and a challenge.

A challenge it will be as I don’t currently have an oven…


I’ll be baking at my in-laws for the few weeks of the bake club and, while it is still not the fully-stocked kitchen I have packed away in boxes at my parents’ place, it does have an oven.

Week one of the Wellington Bake Club has been with the first challenge to make a slice.

I made my Hazelnut Fudge Slice. Although I did not win my colleagues’ vote (coming in second), I did win the popular vote.

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So that is week one for the Wellington Bake Club. Next week we are to make a veggie cake. I’m a bit stumped there. I don’t think I have ever made a cake with vegetables in before. I know I have made kumara muffins before, but muffins aren’t cake.

Guess I better get perusing Pinterest…

2 thoughts on “Wellington Bake Club: Week 1

  1. That fudge looks awesome but perhaps I am struggling with NZ to Aus translation.. because I have no idea what a wine biscuit is. I googled and found something – looks like a plain biscuit type of biscuit, so I might be able to make this. 😉 Looks awesome! 😉

    • Ha, I did not even think no one would not know what a wine biscuit is! Whoops. It’s a very plain, vanilla flavoured biscuit made by Griffins here in NZ. I’m not sure what an equivalent in Australia would be. I know some supermarkets stock some NZ biscuits – the Potts Point Coles in Sydney for example apparently has a whole heap of NZ products, but I don’t know if they would have wine biscuits. Could possibly try substituting in one of Arnott’s biscuits, like the Nice or Scotch Finger. Something along those lines.

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