Aussie Curves – Pink

So it turns out I actually don’t own a lot of pink clothes. The weird thing is that I thought I owned more pink than I actually do and I possibly do, it might just be packed up in boxes in New Zealand. I left a fair few clothes there a year ago and haven’t retrieved any of them.

I also tend to stick to the blacks, greys and blues in my wardrobe. It’s what I feel comfortable in.

But I do have this new singlet.


When I put it on and asked Man Piece if it was pink enough he replied that no, it’s purple and I was all, no it’s pink. We settled that it is pinky-purple. (But more pink.)


I think this is going to be my new photo taking place. It’s a lot better than looking back to the street and much lighter than the blank wall of my apartment. Success!

I paired the top with my black ponte blazer. It is honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made. I wear it constantly.

Spijkerkat was singing its praises in last week’s stripes post. It really should be a staple of City Chic’s line. I would have featured it in my stripes post as well, but I have been rather unorganised since returning from NZ and didn’t do one.

Anyway, back to the pink singlet. When I saw it, there was a bit of ‘ooooh, I really like that, must have it’ thing going on. Then there was the 20% off everything sale at City Chic and it was mine.


Singlet top: City Chic
Jeans: Mink Denim, Myer
Blazer: City Chic
Shoes: Diana Ferrari



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8 thoughts on “Aussie Curves – Pink

  1. Love the photo. Love the singlet. Love the new photo taking location! It’s funny that you would write about pink clothing. Yesterday as I was leaving the gym I noticed this woman wearing a black and white polka-dot dress and a cute, sheer pink cardi! I thought…..I want that whole outfit! SO CUTE! So now I want to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe as I found myself sticking to the same old pieces and it’s getting remarkably boring. 🙂

    • I can definitely understand that! I’ve just started to slow down from a buying binge. Pops or colour are very in right now, I’m seeing so much in stores, so it’s perfect timing.

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