Things, they are a happening


I’m currently in Wellington for six days, so I might be a little light on the posting. Also, as I have a reduced wardrobe, minimal time and without my DSLR, I won’t be posting Aussie Curves this week (we will see how next week goes), but I look forward to seeing what the other girls come up with for Festival.

One exciting thing you can read in my absence is my latest short story over on The Short Stories Club blog.

I think I mentioned this – I’m trying to write a short story once a month to be published here. Didn’t manage one last month (ugh, deadlines), but it will be a monthly occurrence to boost my fictional writing instead of news/features and blogging. And each month is themed.


September was The Servant and I tried to do a modern take on it with an intern.

The Intern

She sat writing, practically shaking with anger as she remembered the day’s events…

Dear Diary,

I fucking hate that bitch. I don’t know how much of her privileged demands I can take. She doesn’t even realise how commanding she is, she just expects everything.

Of course it is my job to do some of the things she requests,  but honestly, others are downright insane. They are not part of my job description. She doesn’t even pay me, oh is the life of an intern…

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