On The Web: Depression comics – read and learn


In the past week on the web there have been two articles which have really stuck out for me which I am going to focus on. Both from Buzzfeed – where else? My love of Buzzfeed has grown again.

The first is on 21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations of Depression.

For me, this article is fantastic. If you can even call it an article.

It made me laugh and got me a bit teary, I will admit. But what it did most of all is start to bring me out of the small pit of depression I had fallen into last week. Sometimes laughing at yourself does that.

The other thing it does is serve as an educational piece – yes, really – for those who don’t suffer from depression, but know people who do.

One of the worst things you can say to someone who is depressed is get over it and that there are people out there in worse life situations than you. This just makes it worse, because you get depressed about being depressed because you really shouldn’t be because you have a better life than some.

Sometimes there is no reason for depression, it just is. You can search for the cause, but you will never find it.

Although not in the article itself, I think one of my all-time favourites is from Hyperbole and a Half. This woman is all kinds of amazing.


Another I quite enjoy is I Had a Black Dog. I’ve mentioned these ones before. I have both the books packed up in boxes somewhere in New Zealand. Some days I really wish they were here.



And the second article is 18 Controversial Facts About Being Fat You Need To Know.

This is also something I wish people would learn – just because someone is overweight or bigger than the “average” person, does not make them unhealthy. You do not see what they eat or what exercise they do, therefore you are not allowed to judge and criticise.



And finally, I laughed so much at these Harry Potter jokes.