Peanut butter and banana pancakes

I have been feeling like pancakes for a few weeks now. And you know how if you don’t satisfy a craving, sometimes it just keeps getting stronger? Yeah, that.

So I was watching an episode of Switched at Birth yesterday (don’t judge me) and they had made peanut butter pancakes. I immediately thought, ‘Mmmmm peanut butter pancakes, I need to try that.’

And so I Googled for a recipe and found this one for peanut butter and banana pancakes.

A win-win, as we had three bananas sitting on the bench which were starting to look a bit passed it. If I didn’t make something with them this weekend, they were destined for the rubbish shoot.

I got Man Piece to go and buy the few missing ingredients and this morning I made them.

They were heavenly.

Mixing the ingredients together.

Mixing the ingredients together.

Cooking the pancake like a pro.

Cooking the pancake like a pro.


Making the caramalised bananas.


The finished product. Delicious.