What I read on the web: 18/08/13

I’ve had this sitting here and forgot to publish (what a great start to my idea of regular blogging!)

At least I’m not I’m not these guys though. Who forgets to build an elevator shaft in a skyscraper?

I really wouldn’t mind planning my travel around visiting these bookstores. This one is my favourite:


It reminds me of Harry Potter. Looks like I’m going to Holland one day!

These look like some cool DIYs to do. They also use up old cereal boxes – a different form of recycling.

Panic at the Disco release a new single and I think it’s actually pretty good!

There was the sneak peek for season three of Homeland. Please stop with the ugly crying, Carrie.

Katy Perry’s new single dropped earlyĀ āˆ’ LOVIN’ IT.

I watched this incredible footage of the Japanese Tsunami. It’s quite long, but an incredible watch.

I agree with this article on the fact whether you’re a night owl or a morning lark it influences your personality. What I don’t agree with is that night owls are meant to be extroverts whereas morning larks are meant to be introverts. Personally, I think they got this around the wrong way. Both Man Piece and I are night owls and both of us are introverts.

Yes, there probably is cross-over between the two, but most of the morning larks I know are also extroverts. Go figure, science.

Lastly, Benedict Cumberbatch did this:



Absolute final say, kiwis are fierce: