What I read on the web: 18/08/13

I’ve had this sitting here and forgot to publish (what a great start to my idea of regular blogging!)

At least I’m not I’m not these guys though. Who forgets to build an elevator shaft in a skyscraper?

I really wouldn’t mind planning my travel around visiting these bookstores. This one is my favourite:


It reminds me of Harry Potter. Looks like I’m going to Holland one day!

These look like some cool DIYs to do. They also use up old cereal boxes – a different form of recycling.

Panic at the Disco release a new single and I think it’s actually pretty good!

There was the sneak peek for season three of Homeland. Please stop with the ugly crying, Carrie.

Katy Perry’s new single dropped early − LOVIN’ IT.

I watched this incredible footage of the Japanese Tsunami. It’s quite long, but an incredible watch.

I agree with this article on the fact whether you’re a night owl or a morning lark it influences your personality. What I don’t agree with is that night owls are meant to be extroverts whereas morning larks are meant to be introverts. Personally, I think they got this around the wrong way. Both Man Piece and I are night owls and both of us are introverts.

Yes, there probably is cross-over between the two, but most of the morning larks I know are also extroverts. Go figure, science.

Lastly, Benedict Cumberbatch did this:



Absolute final say, kiwis are fierce: