Fashion Fabulous: City Chic has a sale – I spend up large

I love clothes. I especially love clothes from City Chic. It is my favourite store, and pretty much the only store that I shop from. So when they have a sale, like the one they had last week, I shop a lot.

Adding to this is that Sydney has started to get colder and I find myself in the predicament that is I have no winter clothes because I left them all in New Zealand.

In the CC sale I bought a few basics and few statement pieces. All of them pretty much more than 50% off. Win!

So here are some of the new additions to my wardrobe.

The Two Cats Top with one of last year’s black blazers with stripped lining, paired with Rock My World skinny jeans, now sold-out online.

IMG_2725_1 IMG_2727_1

One where I actually show my face! Notice the studded detail on the shoulder – very in this season.


I bought several of these Basic Puff Sleeve tops. They are so comfortable and come in numerous colours. I got them in this blue colour, teal, black, and purple. they will serve me well over winter in Sydney. Paired with the skinny jeans again.



Paired here with the Studded Military Jacket. I coveted this for quite some time and resisted buying it at full-price. When it went on sale, there were no questions about buying it. I love it. This has also sold-out online. Here you can also see the detail on the back pockets of the jeans.


Here is the black puff sleeve top, which goes well with Baroque Print skirt, which is sold-out. Ain’t that the way with sales!


And here I am trying to actually be a model. Yeah, nah.


This is the Lace Contrast tunic. Lace is amazing – delicate and pretty, it adds nice detail to plain pieces.


Close-up detail of the bow and lace.


I paired the tunic with the Lace Panel leggings. Possibly a bit too much lace for one outfit, but I don’t care – I LOVE LACE. (Also, Man Piece hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting photos in focus – if only I could be in the photos and take them.)


This is the Dark Lace tunic, again with the lace! It is the same cut as the Lace Contrast tunic, but totally different. I paired with the Lace Panel leggings again.


Below is the Sequin Stripped Jumper. It’s quite a light jumper, so will be good over a singlet, but under a jacket. Man Piece says I look like a panda. I’m fine with it. I’m also wearing my TDF Apple Skinny jeans – the hands-down best jeans I have ever owned. If you want a pair of jeans, get these, or at least the TDF jeans to suit your body style, you cannot go wrong. I have a plain black singlet on underneath.

IMG_2750_1As you can see, I definitely splurged a little. There is just something about City Chic I cannot resist – the clothes fit and they are definitely my style.

Yay for new clothes!