Influential photographers.

A few weeks ago I discovered iTunes U, not that it was hard, I knew it was there, I had just never used it.

I started to look around and found a few interesting educational collections. I found a History of Architecture, Volcanos, Justice, and Masters of Photography.

The Masters of Photography collection contains a whole heap of videos showcasing photographers’ work from a series of National Geographic Live lectures.

So far I have found two photographers from this series whose work has made an impression on me – where I have just thought, “Those are some amazing photos”.

The first is Mattias Klum, a Swedish photographer who travels around the world for assignments.

In a few of the lectures from National Geographic, Klum talked about encounters he had with a female lion in India. Luckily, these lectures have made their way to YouTube.


Another is where he gets a rather personal welcome from Meerkats.


Below are some of his photographs. [I do not own these, they are Mattias Klum’s, I found them through Google Images.]

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 7.05.04 PMThe other photographer is Steve Winter. Winter does some interesting things when out photographing subjects – he likes to use robots and camera boxes.

Here is one of the videos from National Geographic showing how he used the robots.


Here are some of Winter’s photographs. [Once again, I do not own them, I found them on his website.]




SteveWinter_Tigers_19As you can see Winters likes photographing Tigers. Tigers are awesome and he also participates in raising awareness about Tigers so they do not become extinct.

‘Cause seriously, look at the little baby cub. Isn’t he so cute?! This is a cause that I can support.