Bake-off day at work

Today at work (yes, I have a new job. Of which the details I will need to blog later) we had a bake-off.

Since I started it was discovered there were a few baking extraordinaires in the mix, so we had a bake-off!

Many delicious things were brought into the office today for us all to enjoy. And for your enjoyment, here is some food p0rn…


Pineapple cupcakes, which just looked fabulous.


Pink cupcakes of some variety, very sweet and delicious.


My caramel cupcakes with “cloud” frosting. Nothing like the originals, but they still tasted good. *sigh of relief* I do miss having a fully stocked kitchen of bake ware etc.


Mini melting moments, a perfect treat size.


Banana cake with cookie and nutella topping.

And the winner is…


Triple chocolate cheesecake. Absolutely to die for.