Dressember: day 9.

I cheated a bit today.

I wore jeans.

I couldn’t help myself! The call was far too strong and the urge to just not wear a dress and leggings overcame me!

However, there was another reason for sinking low and finding my way back to the delicious denim feel and that is because the tunic/top I was going to wear is not at all appropriate with pantyhose or leggings. Jeans or some other form of pant must be worn with it.

If I had not worn jeans, I would have ended up most likely showing my ass to the majority of Takapuna. Yes, the tunic covers the area, but any movement could have me done for indecent exposure. And, in all honesty, it would make you go blind.

So I took one for the team! I still wore a “dress”, but in order to be a lady, I HAD to pair it with jeans. And it felt SO GOOD.

This tunic is from Ezibuy and I originally bought it for my sister’s engagement party. I usually do wear it with jeans, but have once worn it with pantyhose and it was not a pretty experience.

I’ve also put on a bit of weight since originally buying it, so the small amount of movement I was able to get away with when not wearing pants has decreased to non-existent. It is still a great “long top” though. Probably one of my most favourite pieces of clothing – the whole reason I won’t give it up because I’ve put on a little weight.

2 thoughts on “Dressember: day 9.

  1. Ah, jeans! They’re always the most comfortable. At the mo I’ve been hanging out in jeans quite a lot. I recently have been able to fit into a pair of jeans I’ve not been able to squeeze into for six years – so you could imagine the joy. Doesn’t necessarily mean I need to where them everywhere, though. Hey, come check out our blog: http://www.carrythisbag.com

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