Cobra Starship is baaaaaaack.

I must have been living under a rock. That wouldn’t be hard lately, actually. I have had a one track mind.

Anyway, turns out Cobra Starship is making some beats again. Today I came across the single “You Make Me Feel” ft. Sabi.

No idea who this Sabi person is and I don’t really care to find out, she is definitely nothing spectacular.

And the new single doesn’t really go anywhere for me. It doesn’t have the same energy that past singles have had, like “Good Girls Go Bad”.

However Cobra Starship has the tendency to create songs that don’t sound so great when you first listen to them and then one day you realise, actually this is amazing. That’s what happened with their last album for me.

So with the new single they also have a new album Night Shades. Even thought I’m not completely wowed by this first single, if I know Cobra Starship, the album will most likely be pretty good, even if it doesn’t wow you on the first listen.

I might listen to “You Make Me Feel” a few more times before obtaining the soundtrack – it’s got to be worth the money, yanno? So watch this space for an album review, but in the mean time here is the new single.