Waiting is painful.

Haven’t been up to much lately, but I feel I need to write, so an update on my mundane life was needed.

The last few weeks have kind of being a blur, I’m not really sure what I’ve been up to.

I went back to Hastings for a week, nothing much happened. Then I came back to Wellington and had a job interview and then headed to Auckland and had another job interview. (Will do a separate post on Auckland shenanigans.)

Back to Wellington we came and now I’m stuck playing the waiting game again. Waiting to hear whether or not I have a job. This is my life. Nothing much else happens.

So I’m catching up on TEEVEE I have missed in the last week. Guess I should look for jobs too.

I know I’m all about perseverance and I won’t stop until I find a job, but I’m tired. I’m tired of trawling Trade Me, Seek and other job sites and applying for one after the other and most of the time not hearing back from them. I just want a job. Life would actually be so much better if I was to have one already.

Anyway, as I said, not much has happened, not much is happening, because this is my life and nothing really happens.

One thought on “Waiting is painful.

  1. Lisa, your perseverance is going to pay off. Kudos to you for still having such amazing motivation. I am on the job hunt myself now too. I just arrived home from overseas about three months ago so I am looking, looking, interviewing, waiting, getting rejected and looking agin!! It sure is frustrating and hard to keep focused. But, from one job seeker to another, hang in there. Something good is bound to come our way soon! Alice xx

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