Ear worms can be dangerous.

I am absolutely falling in love with Adele.

I’m going to blame @thatjohn for implanting the ear worm and Glee for confirming it.

My favourites at the moment are Rolling In The Deep, Turning Tables, Chasing Pavements, Someone Like You and Rumour Has It.

I’m not sure which songs are off which albums, but she has two ’19’ and ’21’. I kind of wonder how she named them. Was she that old at the time? It kind of fits.

This is the video for Rolling In The Deep, which is one that I have on repeat, because it is truly awesome. I love the video as well. Especially the glasses filled with water and it moves with the bass. Such cool imagery.

But you may recognise this song, Chasing Pavements. It was released a few years ago and I quite liked it at the time. When I started listening to her albums I had one of those “Oh it’s her!” moments. Don’t you just love those? It used to play quite a bit on C4, that’s how I know it, because I used to watch C4 religiously. Not so much nowadays.

And from listening to her albums I have really started to like Someone Like You, Turning Tables and Rumour Has It.

And one last one, Glee – Rolling in the Deep. Rachel Berry and Jessie St James. Oh *swoon* He is so sexy and his voice is amazing.