My poor laptop and other things…

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that I had a job interview this week. I am yet to hear anything about it though. So I continue to wait.

I hate the waiting. The waiting is always the most painful part. You’re stuck in limbo. Do you do more job applications or do you wait? Because if you do more job applications you then have to tell them, “Oh sorry, I got offered another job”. I always feel they will ask, “Well, why did you bother applying?”

I know, it’s lame, but that’s just how my mind works.

The bad news is that my laptop kind of shat itself. And by laptop I mean the power supply, which in turn means laptop because my battery only lasts about 30 minutes these days. Utter fail.

So I am without a laptop. The only way am managing to write this is because of Man Piece’s Mac Mini which is hooked up to the TEEVEE. Kind of awesome.

Alas that means there probably won’t be too many job applications going on over today and tomorrow. I did manage to copy my CVs over to the mac mini before laptop died so I may be able to do some. I just don’t have word or the equivalent on mac to write cover letters. I guess I could always write them in the body of an email. Awkward.

But hopefully a new power supply is on it’s way. Dad has a universal one lying around his workshop, he said it should do the trick. If it doesn’t then I probably do need to source another one from somewhere and who knows how long that will take. Oh well. For now the mac mini is working well.

It does make me consider just buying a whole new laptop. It has not been having the best year, or more just the last 12 months. Saying year I feel implies 2011, but the troubles began sometime last year. Poor lappy. It will be three years old in August.

So that was the good news and the bad news. I just keep trucking. Doing whatever I please because I don’t have a job. But at the same time, I can’t do whatever I please because I have no money and no benefit coming in. I really should do something about that…

Anyway, supposed to be going out for drinks tonight so I should probably extricate myself from the snuggliness of the couch and go shower. Because I’m one of those lame people who doesn’t shower till mid afternoon. It’s a #lifeoftheunemployed, what you gonna do about it?

Oh, and it’s raining and I should not be allowed to make fudge ever again. And by fudge I mean delicious chocolate, peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk all mixed together, chilled and cut into tiny addictive pieces.