Fashion fabulous No. 2

A few weeks ago, the very lovely @Ilaeria sent me this dress that she had bought that didn’t quite fit her properly so she thought that it might fit me a bit better. That it does! Although it is possibly a bit too tight, but I’ll let you all be the judge.

Although, having worn it today, I did find that it stretched a little bit with wear and became quite comfortable. I also think that I look pretty damn good. Plus Man Piece likes it. Always a bonus.

It is from an Australian store for plus size women called noXceptions and I do have to say, I quite like the store! When I do get a job, I think I *may* be spending a bit of my income on new clothes. I’m a sucker for shopping. I’m turning into such a girl.


I paired the dress with a basic grey long sleeved top from Glassons, some black pantyhose, a coloured scarf for some jzeush and my totally amazing over-the-knee slouch boots that I got from Ezibuy, because they’re bigger in the calves. I think it will also look quite dashing if paired with heels, but I wasn’t so keen on doing that just to go to a movie.

I wore my coat over top, but I think the photos without the coat look better. I possibly shouldn’t wear that specific coat over it, but maybe try a blazer or my biker jacket (which is currently in a box somewhere between Hastings and Wellington) that may keep my waste accentuated.

With the coat and white with red stars scarf.

Without jacket (looks much better!)

With blue, black and white check scarf. I think this one looks better. Yay or nay?

So what do you guys think? Fashion win? I think it is definitely suitable for the work environment and you can dress it up or down.

I also think I would probably look better with my hair down and a bit of make-up on. But I had only being doing domestic goddess duties today and I probably would have steamed any make-up off.

4 thoughts on “Fashion fabulous No. 2

  1. I like the one with the check scarf. I think it goes particularly well with that lovely secretary's desk behind your left elbow. πŸ˜€

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