I’ve got Wellington brain.

Man piece has this talent of distracting me from my blog posts.

Whenever I’m in Wellington, I seem to forget about doing them. And it’s the time when my life is the most exciting! Which is what people really want to read about, isn’t it?

Can you believe that I am about to say, I haven’t been up to much?

Well I haven’t. Although I’ve been up to much more than what I would have done in Hastings, it’s still not a very exciting ‘much’, but at least in Wellington I have gotten out with friends.

Last night involved a rather alcohol friendly night on Wellington town, which has left me not so shiny today.

The hash browns, banana and maple syrup with several glasses of coke in the afternoon made me feel slightly more human.

Sleeping till 2pm also had the same affect.

But I am deteriorating again and no amount of coke zero can save me.

I have done one time job application tonight. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Have played with my new camera a bit since being down here, but might actively try and do one my modules tomorrow too. (Note to self: must go and find an 18% grey card)

I’m really liking the manual focus and the macro setting on it is amaze.

I think it is now off to bed for me, because I kind of want to do stuff tomorrow (finding a job is number one priority) and may read a little bit of Twitterature to dull the eyelids.

Good day m’lovelies!

(I can hear the rain against the window. Score!)