Life begins again with two phone calls.

Nothing terribly exciting today, so it will be short and sharp. Most likely. I may end up ranting a bit, as I tend to do.

Had a rather good night’s sleep, so I am feeling much better now. Tummy bug seems to be going or uber-stress is fading.

The day began with two phone calls. The first was from a friend who has managed to hook me up with some work to do with the Christchurch Earthquake. Just a bit of compiling information, we’ll say it, for NZHerald.


Second call was from the Manawatu Standard. I guess I forgot to mention I had an interview with them last week. Needless to say, it did not go well under the circumstances. I did not get the reporting job there. I am not surprised though. I could barely string a coherent sentence together.

I did decide to go through with the interview though. It had been set up pre-bad news and I did contemplate cancelling, but I thought Granddad would not want me to do that. As he was always asking me, “How’s the job hunt going?” He was always keen to know what I was up to next and to hear about what I was writing.

I am un-phased by this news. I guess I’m not yet back in the right frame of mind to fully get back in to things. Taking is slow, I’ll get there.