My keyboard will be pried from my cold dead hands.

I woke up ridiculously early this morning.

And by ridiculously early, I mean 8.30. Now, to you this may not seem that early, in fact it’s down right reasonable, but for me, it means that I’ve only had about five hours sleep.

Can I get an IV of Red Bull? Thanks.

I didn’t actually need the Red Bull. I refused to get out of bed and ended up falling asleep again. It was a rather restless sleep, but it was a few more hours of whatever my body currently classifies as sleep (it being that fake kind, where you don’t actually feel rested, at all.)

Yeah… fake sleep.


What finally got me out of bed was a phone call. I am now *drum roll* a contributor to Oh, The Scandal! I start Monday.

Now, it is an unpaid writing gig, but I’m seeing it as an opportunity to be writing every day, building up my portfolio and having something else that I can add to my CV.

This is me keeping the momentum going.

If you remember, I blogged last week how I felt I was losing the momentum I had gained while working in community papers.

And I had. But hopefully, now that I have this, it will keep me going till I find that job. I will most likely try and juggle both, when that day comes.

So after that excitement, I had a fairly lazy day. Just ended up watching day-time TEEVEE with Mother.

Nothing else really of consequence to mention except for:



I started another new blog.

I’m starting to become one of those out-of-control-bloggers.

Anyway, it is about politics. I will basically be following the New Zealand general election and writing my thoughts on the events of each day or week and maybe even doing a few specialty pieces about the state of things in New Zealand. Or the controversial issues that will be at the forefront of this election year.

I may even do “A day in parliament” posts, as I will be heading to Wellington in eight days and need to find things to occupy me while Man Piece is off being a work dork.

If you think I need my laptop confiscated, you will have to pry it from by cold dead hands!