I am my Father’s bitch.

It was so uncomfortably hot. And not just temperature hot, but high humidity hot, so it was also ridiculously uncomfortable.
I couldn’t even work in my room, it was that hot.
I moved out to the breakfast bar and did work down there. Work being the fairly loose term. Basically I was doing cover letters for job applications. That is my full-time job currently. I could still feel the sweat sliding down my back though.
But in working down in the kitchen, I have to endure Father. He was trying to convince me to put advertising on my blogs. I am unsure about this. I don’t do these blogs to make money, I do them for fun and ultimately “shits and giggles”.
I also don’t think I have enough traffic coming here for it to be worth-while. Sure, I get some, you guys that religiously read the events of my mundane life are awesome. But to actually make good money from advertising on your blog? You need high numbers of traffic, like more than 100 hits a day. Just to pick a random number off the top of my head, which is actually not backed up with any scientific proof.
It’s just not something I think I even want on my blog. But Father seems to think I am sitting on a gold mine.
So what do you guys think? To advertise or not? Will it ruin the look of my blog? Will it seem like I’m selling out? Comment or tweet me.
However, I do have to say Father is a pretty quick thinker and he usually has pretty good ideas.
Example 1: Conversation with Father today.
Father: “Dr Rapley swings into action!”
Me: “So, what? That makes me nurse?”
Father: “No, that makes you my bitch.”
When did Father learn that term!? Obviously, he is learning how to use more than just Facebook. Hmm.
Another development today. Man Piece and I now have our own hashtag – #splathro.
Apparently we’re going to be having lots of little #splathros.
*runs and hides*
Oh, and cold shower’s rule!

5 thoughts on “I am my Father’s bitch.

  1. I've considered ads for my blog, I get around 150 views/day. I just don't see that it's worth it – my blog is for me, it's my personal outlet and I don't do it for money. Sure, I think what I have to say is valuable, but I understand lots of other people probably think I'm just talking shit. I wouldn't bother considering ads until I was up around the 500/day mark, and even then, I would keep it very limited.

  2. They would be born with computers in their tiny little hands. O_o #splathrosWow, you get that many Lauren? Jealous. Haha.I agree with you, it's my personal outlet.

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