"I mega-loathe you all. Good day!"

Once again, yesterday is today. I keep forgetting to do my posts. I must be getting distracted…


Today was a rather bad day. EMO.

Or, in the words of Dr Cox from Scrubs it was a “mega-loathe you all” day.

I just wanted to stay in bed all day and forget the world ever existed. But I got up and I stripped my bed so that I did not crawl back into it. That’s one way to solve that problem – make bed disappear.

I still didn’t leave the house though. But I did do things. Like washing and clean my room. I managed to clean half my room and go through a whole heap of clothes to get rid of. I will be taking them in to the Cranford Hospice Shop. I was quite brutal.

But in having removed my sheets from my bed, I discovered that my bed is actually so much better to lie on without any covers. Needless to say, I did lounge on my bed for a bit, even though I didn’t want to do that. Or wanted to stop myself from doing that. Of course I wanted to do that, I was in a mega-loathe you all mood.

In my lounging mood, I ended up reading a lot of stuff from Marie Claire’s website. It’s one that I tend to look at a lot, because they have some interesting articles and some good tips. Plus, I don’t buy Cosmo (like a *real* girl).

So I found this one article about your belly button smelling. This started to worry me – does my belly button smell? Is this something everyone should worry about?


They have even developed a spray so your belly button stops smelling – the naval fresh spray.


This is very much in need of the #firstworldproblems hashtag.Also, #unnecessary.

In continuation of my emo-mood, I tried to get out of it. I was quite disappointed when a turtle shaking it’s ass to ‘Satisfaction’ did not even make me laugh. Although now, after a good nights sleep (bar the 5.9 earthquake at 4am) the concept seems quite hilarious.

So anyway, after a mega-loathe you all day, I made my bed with sheets that smelled like sunshine and snuggled in to them.

Good day!

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