Only excitement was food…

Today I woke up after a ridiculously awesome sleep. I was so comfortable that I did not want to get out of bed. But the need for sustenance forced me to.


I literally did nothing today.


Today was more of a recuperation after Wellington. The hills killed me. My legs are so sore and I am still exhausted.

I’m pretty sure I watched Dr Phil, Oprah, Frasier, then showered then did some other stuff. Did not even leave the house. What a fantastic life of the unemployed I lead.

I was even so lazy enough to order Hells and get it delivered. Maybe it wasn’t laziness, just not wanting to leave the house. And the delivery boy was extremely hawt. But he probably judged me for the amount of food I bought. Definitely enough for three meals.


Cold pizza for breakfast, is like, totes, the best thing ever.

I didn’t even get to do any job applications today. The night has just passed in a blur and I didn’t even realise. Awkward. So tomorrow, I have quite a few to do.

I was quite enthralled by The Pursuit of Happyness. Had never seen the movie before, so I was kind of excited that it was on. I was not disappointed. It was awesome.

Right now I am yawning my head off, so I think it is time to sign off and catch some z’s.

Lisa out.