Epic is epic.

Today was another ridiculously hot uncomfortable day.


So, naturally, I decided to go shopping!

What a horrible idea. It was TOO hot. But I did get to spend some money. I swear, it was all necessity. Honest.

Things like singlets and leggings and underwear and bras. Things I haven’t been able to buy for ages, but in desperate need of buying.

I also did a LEETLE bit of naughty shopping – shopping I shouldn’t have done.


A diary from Smiggle. It’s rather awesome and before you say anything, yes, Napier has a Smiggle. We’re not that backwards down here.

Ok, that was kind of a necessity. I really did need a diary so I stop using my notebook for non-journalism related stuff, like writing lists of things I need to do each day. That can now go in my diary.

Diaries are totally awesome.

I also bought a pair of heels.


I really don’t need anymore pairs of heels. I’m becoming addicted. I should do a count of how many I have now. You will all be :O. Also, I’m becoming more like Sister (SORRY SISTER, BUT IT’S TRUE)

They are cute shoes. Little boots with heels and a gold zip up the side and peep toe. Also cheap! Only $20 from Number One Shoes. They are teh awesome.

And some rings from Diva. I’m going through a ring phase at the moment, but I don’t really have any and Diva has good rings. One is a locket ring, I thought that was pretty rad. Another has what I can only describe as something like a disco ball on and the third is black with sparkly bits on.

When I got home, I crashed. Two nights with basically no sleep makes Lisa very tired.


I felt so much better after that. Unfortunately, in my post-nap mood I did not want to do any job applications. This means I need to do three tomorrow and as I’m not planning on doing much, this should be able to be done.

That is all.