Surprisingly, there is a life in there somewhere.

I really don’t have anything of consequence to write today, so we’ll keep it short and to the point.

I slept last night! Woo! Probably because it was much cooler. Thank gawd!

In it being so much cooler today, I decided to try out my GHD. OMG, my hair is so purdy. I can’t stop stroking it.


I had a pointless trip into town. Only had to do two things and neither were successful. But that is life.

Came home and did some washing, because I like clean clothes. Then did two job applications, yes TWO!

I’m on a roll, almost. I think I’d be on a roll, if I got more done, so this weekend will contain lots of that.


My Grandparents came out for dinner tonight, as it is my Grandfather’s 85th birthday. Gran is also 85, but her birthday was exactly two weeks ago. Yes, my Gran is a cougar. Apparently it runs in the family.

They are both going really strong still, with no signs of quitting. They have been a solid part of my life and I’m lucky to still have them, when I know a lot of people never knew their grandparents. They are even lucky enough to be great-grandparents and are actually going to meet their great-grandson in the coming months. Not many people can say that.

The rest of my night was spent on the internet, just doing the usual and now I am packing for an exciting weekend.