Dud among brilliance.

Today has being ridiculously uncomfortable with the heat and the humidity, with no relief in sight.

It has been blur of a day. Just all hazy.

I had a chiropractor appointment. Ah sweet relief. Back feels so much better.

I then finally got my Christmas present from my parents and grandparents – a GHD hair straightener.


Then when I got home from town, my grandparents were actually here, so hung out with them a bit. Then went for a swim.

There was so much crap on top of the pool from the tree, I must have spent about 20 minutes just clearing that off. Made me even hotter and the pool even sweeter when I finally got in.

It was an awesome swim. Ah sweet relief.

The rest of the day was spent being a bum on the internet. I have semi-done another job application. I just have to print something off, fill it in then scan it so I can email it with my application.

The aim is to do at least one a day. I technically haven’t done that today, so tomorrow I really have to finish that one and do the next.

This is a really boring, inconsequential post, but you’ve got it, because I’m still going strong with my one post a day. There is always bound to be a dud among the brilliance.

(This is the dud.)